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  • Hungry Guy 6 years ago

    I have a hi-rise tower in my world and I’m going to put this elevator in
    it. But I’m going to try to make working doors without screwing up your
    redstone. And I’m going to move the “go away” buttons inside the elevator,
    but leave the “come here” buttons outside. I hope this will still work in
    future versions of MC…

  • Hungry Guy 6 years ago

    Holy wow, batman! Thank you for making this work in 1.6! I’ve long
    thought that a real elevator in Minecraft was totally impossible, and that
    the only way to do it was with mods or tricks with minecarts or boats in
    falling water. When I downloaded your world save, I was sure it wasn’t
    going to work, but it did! w00t!

  • al theway 6 years ago

    Very impressive you could remove a ton of wiring if you had a single piston
    and 11 redstone blocks at the back to give each layer power you would have
    to offest each stack of 11 redstone blocks to do this but if done right you
    could make it faster and you wouldent have to build a million extra blocks
    and redstone 

  • Valiant Seventy 6 years ago

    You really need to make a tutorial for this. I don’t think anyone is going
    to be able to build it otherwise, even with a world download.
    CHALLENGE: Tutorial

  • Chris Jahnke 6 years ago

    Oh pls do a tutorial fpr this. I tried to build the version from another
    youtuber but it did’t work. Even his downloadmap didn’t work but yous is
    great please do a tutorial =D

  • ChazzvsGaming 6 years ago

    where are the coordinates to the actual elevator

  • Bousha McLibbonen 6 years ago

    There is still no tutorial..
    Plz make one plz..
    I really want to build this in my world.

  • Fernando Lechuga 6 years ago

    Make a tutorial

  • Floran Belle 6 years ago

    Make this white a tetorial

  • Floran Belle 6 years ago

    Plz make him smaller

  • germimonte 6 years ago

    calls the elevator if it’s in the other floor

  • CZStudioCreeperCraft 6 years ago

    CHALLENGE : Do this, but still SMP Compatible and Multifloor. Ill be so
    thankfull if you will do this.

  • Tine Sedej 6 years ago

    make a tutorial

  • xXStarchyXx 6 years ago

    If you want an extra challenge, try to make it so when the elevator is
    moving, the iron doors shut, but when the elevator arrives at it’s stop, it
    opens the Iron doors (The only ones on the floor of the elevator) 😀

  • Incrazyboyy 6 years ago

    Bitte mach mal das gleiche in hingelegeter Form! Ich habe das probiert um
    eine U-Bahn zu bauen, aber die Verkabelung klappt nicht :(

  • bened0826 6 years ago

    It’s all modular so it will be easy to make

  • SJlolman Playing 6 years ago

    what the call buttone do?

  • Faselbluboba 6 years ago


  • pokemon3742 6 years ago

    I’m gonna build this! Oh cool icanse

  • Pavel Chekov 6 years ago

    I built this on a smp server I play on. It doesnt seem to work though. I
    think it might be because either the server cant handle all the redstone,
    or one or more of the plugins on the server makes it so pistons dont work
    too well if they are moving too fast.

  • pokemon3742 6 years ago

    I’m gonna build this! Oh cool, i can see the redsto……..ehh emmm you
    know what? Forget about it.

  • vojtech napravnik 6 years ago


  • Austin Lawrence 6 years ago

    may you pretty please pretty please pretty please pretty please pretty
    please pretty please pretty please make a tutorial on this to be the best
    guy ever if you did show us all how to make this

  • SupremePyromaster 6 years ago

    Built it on xbox and it worked…. and now I’m making it multi floor.

  • Sam Steeves 6 years ago

    So much redstone