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  • MattGames_RP 5 years ago
  • Davooo | SG + RP's 5 years ago

    Thanks for reviewing my pack <3

  • TheCowYT Cow 5 years ago

    Hey i have a question so my texture pack has a custom sky but it wont show
    CUstom sky is On and so is moon/sun etc any help?

  • WeedPlays❤ 5 years ago

    hey bro,can you send my the minecraft map download link c: ?

  • Assasinul Bogdan 5 years ago

    One of my fav packs , after Cryptic pVp and PureBdCraft

  • Brobi 5 years ago

    Supra awesome man

  • Mate G0_oD 5 years ago

    Matt you can upload a folder with swords?

    You can do it in a special or something because almost get to 20K

  • zSnipexHD 5 years ago

    Song 0:19 ? Pleasee

  • ViduPvP | 0,1k ♥ 5 years ago

    Hey Matt, if you want you can have a quiet look on my RP, maybe you like it

  • Funky Simpático Cat 5 years ago

    Has a great channel, shows very beautiful and very good textures, shows
    everything people need to know about the texture (including credits). 1
    subscribe. (P.S: I am Brazilian Hu3 spirit)

  • Jan Scheibel 5 years ago

    Can you make an default edit but die steack is chicken from kfc and the
    gold apple is an kfc bucket

  • Tinuki_YT™ 5 years ago

    Love the packs dude! Keep em up! Try keeping them in 1.8, it’s so hard to
    find good 1.8 packs tho. Love you RP channel hope you get to 100k soon! x3

  • YetIXD Meneses 5 years ago

    your videos are very good I’m a happy subcriptor

  • Sєvєи 5 years ago

    Can u put the map to download plz?

  • ElDarkBoy™ 5 years ago

    What is the map?

  • LetsConscript 5 years ago

    I just started to make ressourcepack reviews,too.If you are interested in
    ressourcepacks pls visit my channel.

  • ThoronMC 5 years ago

    Hey matt I checked your RP shop but the problem
    Is I can’t afford any of it so please tell me if u could help me or not .
    Thanks anyways -Thoron

  • Casper Mossing 5 years ago

    Davooo’s pack :D

  • Mateo Ordoñez Caroprese 5 years ago

    Finally a pack with smooth textures! Nice!

  • Mattia Sommaruga 5 years ago

    The texture is very good but the fire D:

  • Big Richie 5 years ago

    Great vid Matt good you plz make a vid on how to make a reasons pack that
    would be great.

  • X3NOX 5 years ago

    First ! Gg

  • xLoneWolf 5 years ago

    Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and I check my submissions on
    YouTube and I’d have to say I get the most excited to see “Matt Games”
    release a new pack :D

  • Metax 5 years ago

    Music? c:

  • Edited Name. 5 years ago

    Great music choice m9 :)