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  • xDEMiTTx - Ping Warrior 5 years ago

    that bow…

  • MattGames_RP 5 years ago

    Ese pack de texturas esta epico! 

  • GummiGaming 5 years ago

    I have seen WAYYYYYY better bows from you than anybody else! Make a “V2” of
    this pack and MAKE EVERYTHING ACTUALLY CUSTOM! Not just huawhi shit with
    swords and weird bows…. the flint and steel was kinda huawhi too….

  • Original_Elderon 5 years ago

    Whats the music in your intro and do you know +KermitPlays Texture Pack?

  • malfang124 5 years ago

    can u make me a texture pack :)

  • Emrick Prudhomme 5 years ago

    Nice very good gg… i’m going to donwload this pack

  • Mateo Ordoñez Caroprese 5 years ago

    MattGames_RP please i would like you to do a texture pack with smoth
    texture on blocks :S i really like your texture packs in the fact of the
    sword and armors, but pvp texture packs don’t just focus on that, i would
    really apreciate it, (if ypu don’t know what i mean, get an idea with the
    faithful texture pack) thanks 😀 bye

  • MrPior 5 years ago

    Matt im also a DEDICATED RESOURCE PACK MAKER! Could you please check out
    mine. Possibly feature one on your channel it would be amazing thankyou <3

  • Zoraxe 5 years ago

    Damn I quite like that! Looks sick imo! :o

  • Maniac Playz 5 years ago

    Wow, keep it up Matt!

  • Garrett Bliek 5 years ago

    Not to be rude or anything but stop changing the intros for the love of
    goodness theres a new one every week

  • StrafeAura! 5 years ago

    is it 1.8

  • Vortox Gun 5 years ago

    Good :)

  • Ericko TV 5 years ago

    Do you create Texture Packs for other people ?

  • GummiGaming 5 years ago

    Lost the first round lf “one in the quiver” on mineplex, Won survival games
    1,2, AND 3… than i wrote this comment…. GG

  • Mr Prototype 5 years ago

    Is this texture pack 1.8?

  • Feuer Hefe 5 years ago

    Daaaaamn <3

  • iTz Prytox 5 years ago


  • ForJaakko / Jack 5 years ago

    Pla do BiboyQG’s 64×64 pack

  • ObviouslyLegit 5 years ago

    Can I send you a pack to review? If so, where should I send it?

  • berkay kızıltan 5 years ago

    İlk yorum

  • xXxWereWolf6xXx The Hunter 5 years ago

    Dude I am done you are just too good at this stffs

  • BallonStrafe - MCSG 5 years ago

    Nice Rod, and bow ;)

  • HeyItzFenderZ 5 years ago

    Matt , Ive got a strange question , but where r u from?