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  • Aptoh 5 years ago

    That hit sync at 2:02 tho

  • MattGames_RP 5 years ago
  • SoyLager HPTA 5 years ago

    I love your videos and packs greetings from Colombia

  • Ylmylm8989 5 years ago

    I love your reviews I think they are very good detailed and also is this
    for version 1.8

  • MacMinecrafterHD - Road to 50 Subs! 5 years ago


  • Den Norske Gulrot 5 years ago

    how do u make a animated sword i need to know becouse i make texturepacks

  • equals100 5 years ago

    A high Rez animated pack would be better

  • Maxi Rojas 5 years ago

    Muy bueno pero no me sale las animaciones Ayudame plis
    Tengo forge y opti 

  • angel castillo 5 years ago

    song intro ? :>

  • Force 5 years ago

    Version ?

  • Zeppy 5 years ago

    How much would it cost for you to make a Diamond Hoe, Axe, Shovel, And
    Pickaxe, and make the potion look like bongs in high rez? Add my skype

  • AtomicFlounderO 5 years ago

    Can u review some packs that Snake Daoust uses? I cant find them anywhere

  • AFKplayzMC 5 years ago

    So cool

  • PvPSlimeProductions 5 years ago

    Matt, could you send us a link for the Texture Pack World Download?

  • Novalyxᴴᴰ 5 years ago

    Intro music : Reagea bomb – Skrillex (n°?)

  • byAlu 5 years ago

    nice Pack bro!

  • LetsConscript 5 years ago

    I love you channel . This ressourcepacks are so fu……ing
    cool ^^

  • Only Game 5 years ago

    Hey Matt! You Turk?
    But you watched and like GhostGamer?

  • baranalp meşe 5 years ago

    intro song?

  • NoamPlaysMC 5 years ago

    Best intro ever seen

  • OnlyZerach // MCSG 5 years ago

    Hey what is your cursor? Great vid btw. <3

  • LongWord PvP y Mucho Mas 5 years ago

    Matt(? Soy Long el que era de tu team :/ sos vos?

  • Crzygaming 5 years ago

    Would any1 like to make me an intro my name is MikeOG and I play minecraft

  • Mokka Doge HD 5 years ago

    Soo nice, i Love your TP´s