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  • Hilda Campbelll 5 years ago

    6th view can I have six cookies?!?!

  • Mystic Bros 5 years ago

    89th view, 89 cookies pls? Jks btw nice video i liked how it had
    proffesional acting, voicing and editing!

  • Hilda Campbelll 5 years ago
  • pieispie99 5 years ago

    This is really well done, i’d like to see more

  • juan giler 5 years ago

    Looking forward for the next part :D

  • Justin Hough 5 years ago

    I love it haha 😀 can’t wait for the whole thing

  • Who let the mlg dogs out? 5 years ago

    I already seen something like that

    Like a part of the previous video :p