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  • RushingTGaming 6 years ago

    Can we hit that 10k views

  • Yan Zhu 6 years ago

    The story didn’t really make sense to me

  • WasabiChicken2 6 years ago

    dude can your make an intro for me? (a minecraft animated intro of my skin)
    email me on utube or add me on skype so we can discuss about it if you want
    2, i would really appreciate it 😀 skype – wasabichicken2

  • RushingTGaming 6 years ago

    thanks 😉

  • lawlessferret 6 years ago

    love your vids

  • RushingTGaming 6 years ago

    yeah I just took a print screen for it 😛

  • ☢BIGCRAZYHUSAMHD☢ 6 years ago

    1:49 That is what sky’s page looks like if you are subscribed. Sky is
    subscribed to himself. lol

  • RushingTGaming 6 years ago

    Thanks guys

  • MinecraftProduced 6 years ago

    Nice! Great work :)

  • vijay wulfekuhle 6 years ago


  • Young Money 6 years ago

    Nice bro