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  • Zin Akhoon 6 years ago

    Ew your voice

  • Juan Castillo 6 years ago

    This is bad quality and there are some computers that are not for minecraft
    and yours is one of them

  • MeaghannPlaysMC 6 years ago

    Just Ignore The Bad Comments, They Are Just Being Haters, And Good Job On
    This Video You got A New Subscriber :)

  • The Memory 6 years ago

    a bit too low you think

  • Blak Ace 6 years ago

    First of all that was fucking horrible and second make an animation the lag
    was unbearable.

  • MsAngelHero Royal 6 years ago

    How old are you..

  • HODYY JONES 6 years ago

    Ignore all of the mean comments

  • cammi Pape 6 years ago

    Um you need a recourder badly

  • Ronald Protacio 6 years ago

    You really need a good recording system . If not you’ll be a loser for life
    a friendly advice from 1 of your subscribers :)) goodluck !

  • fargames 6 years ago

    Its Coming, lol

  • Alex Muniz 6 years ago

    first thing fuck you for copying my skin second make an animation you lazy
    bastard because its too laggy, and finally your singing suck and you should
    just quit youtube.

  • Kaitlyn Belanger 6 years ago

    Nice song and accent keep doing what your doing

  • Tjayres2000 6 years ago