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  • Thinknoodles 5 years ago

    Kevin builds a time machine and we travel to different eras!! =)

  • Olivia Awesomeness 5 years ago

    OK so Kevin gets all A’s on his report card. You are proud of him but then
    you get mail from princapal Donut. then kevin switched daves report card
    with his

  • Winterwolfgamer 5 years ago

    When I Saw Foxy I Was Like OH MY GOSH!!! Then Started to Fan Girl

  • CupcakePia1025 5 years ago

    Haha love it ! i recently checked your videos because my bff Erin
    recommended your channel , and i loved it !
    Please name a minion “Pizza Noodles” or “Devanna” :)

  • Ze kat 5 years ago

    please name a boy minion DanTDM after the diamond minecart (one of ur good

  • Gabby Martin 5 years ago

    Can I have a girl minion named Minnie? Me and my 5 yr old sis have been
    waiting forever! It would be an honor if ya did. NOODLE ON!

  • Caleb Goetsch 5 years ago

    thinknoodles I was really wondering if I could have my own minion the lab
    and if I can have my own minion I want its name to be called wolverine826c
    :-)©® $100 100¢

  • GamerGlad Plays 5 years ago

    uh… +Thinknoodles you were space and time traveling, not time travel.
    and plus, you cannot change the future. if you unexpectedly changed
    something in the past, the future/present wont change. the theory of time
    paradox is a myth.the term theory means it may be true.

    let me explain it a little more further.
    time isn’t a line stretched out its like a film full of pictures. and on
    that picture is a snapshot of everything in this universe for a
    >microsecond if you are on that picture, you will be on that picture
    period. the changing of a picture us what we call time.

    another example. imagine time as an old river. it doesn’t have a beginning
    or an end (remember the water cycle?) and no matter what we do, we are
    always move.

    so if want to time travel you will not move your atoms but somehow recreate
    it in another snapshot

    space travel(aka teleport) is much easier thantime travel.

    tips for understanding: 1: ignore your common sense,
    2: observe and analyze properly, and
    3: never stop asking questions

    Hope you ‘did’ understand

    also can you pls name my minnion “Mrs, sir”

  • Fabino roca 5 years ago

    Hey Think, Love you episodes, and, remember this. You can’t change the
    future, or the past.

  • Rodney Hutton 5 years ago

    plz name one jenna a girl minon

  • Jane Hampton 5 years ago

    luv it think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youre
    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! think, could you please name a girl minion
    pants.i know it sounds funny.noodle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps keep thinking
    about noodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline Rasmussen 5 years ago

    Thinknoodles/Justin please name a minion-boy ButMan or Butmaster or
    Numse-fest or Name a minion-girl Fikke or Mulle please! Just one of the

  • HunterBoy 5 years ago

    Think can you add a boy called Bobin because I used to have a dog called
    Bobin but we had to sell it.

  • Warden Wess 5 years ago

    Hey Thinknoodles

  • Lilli Beck 5 years ago

    Dude can you please make a girl minion and name her Lillianna please!

  • Jade Willow 5 years ago

    plz name a girl minion Skylar! I loved the part when you traveled back to
    pirate times!!!
    (Skylar is my dog)

  • Nando Alcantara 5 years ago

    Thinknoodles can you make a episode were it showed a flash back of the
    spiderman mod and when you killed the raidioactive spider he found a
    remaiming experience point and some how he makes a repleca of the raidio
    active spider and kevin as usual he boosts up the size and thats when
    spiderzlilla (mod) comes in, and can you name a boy minnion “peter”

  • 2very icey 5 years ago

    o go….what if kevin walked in on the ya know meeting thing and the Julius
    teaser was being killed lol

  • Kamryn Harris 5 years ago

    My favorite part was when you said that’s Foxy the Pirate
    But he is not bad or evil he’s good
    Watch s mikes foxy video

  • Emily Teusch 5 years ago

    Can you name a minion Dora she died

  • EnderFire Player 5 years ago

    Hey this video was the best one because I love every single part and minion
    girl Name EnderFire Player and I think you are the best youtuber I can not
    stop watching your videos and also can you do a video where Kenvin brakes
    daves leg by making him do a dare that would be like really and


  • angel lilly 5 years ago

    What is think’s IP Address for minecraft so maybe I can join his server?

  • Kayla Silva 5 years ago

    this video was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was super duper funny. :>

  • Alex Hernandez 5 years ago
  • Andrea Lopez 5 years ago

    My favorite part was when Kevin went and exploded the treasure. For future
    thinks lab, I want you guys to go back in time and Kevin does something in
    the past that changes the future and can you guys please name a minion
    (girl) Minionette