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  • bob bamdo 6 years ago

    Make A Real Vid -.-

  • Michael Van Rozen 6 years ago

    He gives credit in the description. i think. lol

  • JTFlamers 6 years ago

    This guy doesn’t know how to make a video like a fucking noob

  • Lonewolfdaddy 6 years ago

    Copyright!!!!!!!!! Thats inthelittlewood

  • papsie38 6 years ago

    and you probbably made those accounts to sub to yourself noob

  • papsie38 6 years ago

    people only sub to you because so they can dislike your vids bitch

  • Blade Vioppi 6 years ago

    i got it guys

  • Obsidian Master 6 years ago

    COPIED! Don’t like these videos fools! They’re copied. This one happens to
    be owned by yogscast

  • Zom Burgess 6 years ago