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  • The Keegster 109 6 years ago


  • Andres Estrada 6 years ago

    I cant stop listening to your evil laugh

  • CarloserbugFilms 6 years ago

    Grinder= impossible texture

  • Lyra Belake 6 years ago

    6:20 there is a peace of meat just spazzing out in the background 

  • Cupcakes sprinkles 6 years ago

    Poor Ronald weasley:/

  • jbthekiller bee 6 years ago

    Bob has decided that nuclear
    ☻/ / weapons are the only way to fix youtube.
    /▌ |☢| Copy and Paste this all over youtube
    / //||\ to completely obliterate Google+

  • Georgina Economos 6 years ago

    James is my dad’s name!

  • Jimmithy Johnson 6 years ago


  • kev guy 6 years ago

    Try endermen lol so much ender pearl

  • The Keegster 109 6 years ago

    How do you get Google+?

  • Anakin Skyobiliviator 6 years ago

    No! Ron!!! Why, James, why???? Can”t you just let the poor Griffindor boy
    turn himself into a frog?

  • jagger henry 6 years ago

    I want to install this with pixelmon

  • TheMusicalBoy93 6 years ago

    I think this is one of the oldest mods in Minecraft

  • Lyra Belake 6 years ago

    so many baby pigs 

  • Daniel Philbin 6 years ago

    1:30 that was so random

  • Noah Avila 6 years ago

    7:05 enderman noise

  • Dimitri Petrinko 6 years ago

    Pig: “Err I have a pain in my side.” Steve: “Nope Just a grinder” Pig:
    “What the Fuck?!?!”

  • Rebecca Dingman 6 years ago

    You forgot the sheep

  • rpuffinburgerify 6 years ago

    Sorry for spelling Orespawn mod

  • rpuffinburgerify 6 years ago

    Oresoawn mod

  • Parodii Jocuri 6 years ago


  • Alek Kenderian 6 years ago

    Kamikaze pigs?!?!?!?! xD

  • becka half 6 years ago

    who else is trying to make a raining pork chop wuth this mob

  • Tory Cobb 6 years ago

    Ferry cool

  • axmckinnon 6 years ago

    Thnxcya can u please do more ‘server freindly’ mods like one that and more
    mobs but not destructive ones or could you reveiw bukkit plugins ect.??