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  • CreeperKing124 7 years ago

    dude. look at ALL the swag you made your house out of. no legit noob? could get that stuff.

  • KingOgle22 7 years ago

    LOL.? Even creepers take pity.

  • spatra00001 7 years ago

    best birthday? gift ever

  • timothy1234567890987 7 years ago

    I like creepers even? though they damage my stuff

  • kendall meekins 7 years ago

    sulfur doesnt go? in cake

  • ryan hewitt 7 years ago

    I know

  • megamegatron99 7 years ago

    obviously? on creative

  • jandjconnor 7 years ago

    The guy fishing is……….? a man

  • MandaWood16 7 years ago

    Nah its just someone fishing in the ice.? xD

  • lolnerdy 7 years ago

    dude? get better ears i could hear everything

  • Andrew Hoang 7 years ago

    or the zombie ate the? girlfriend hm…

  • Andrew Hoang 7 years ago

    i get it his girlfriends a zombie and? he feeds her cake XD

  • BaseMaster8 7 years ago

    i couldn’t hear? a freakin word you song!!!!!!!! get better mic!!

  • spartan cuz 7 years ago


  • Whitbelt2 7 years ago

    4 diamonds = a diamond pickaxe??

  • justluuk2001 7 years ago

    This is now my favo song i begin to as? noob now im pro

  • ConfusedPotato Ware 7 years ago

    Spread The Word?

  • Christina Vu 7 years ago

    e.e That? other guy looks lke a hobo. 😀

  • jeremie Dela cruz 7 years ago

    its not its hes friend he? was afk when he was recording :)

  • VgamesFTW 7 years ago

    How old are you? Real ‘Pros’ of Minecraft dont go boasting about how good they are. Honestly, bragging won’t get you anywhere. Everyday I see people who are new to Minecraft, and I help them not spend my time looking for mushroom biomes. I do admit it would be awesome to find one but I would rather leave it? all up to chance. I’ts definatly an achivement to find mushroom biomes and to kill withers/dragons on hardcore but there just isn’t a point in braggin. I hardly belive you are’nt a noob.

  • VgamesFTW 7 years ago

    Can’t take a joke, hugh??

  • Amanda Kost 7 years ago

    He is on a multiplayer server u? dumb ass bitch

  • Butter craft 7 years ago

    well one thing for sure? Im not a minecraft NOOB at all

  • jake Anderson 7 years ago

    Fun? is the name of the band in the origanal song

  • FanOfStarrystar33 7 years ago

    u just earned a? sub! =]