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  • noobie swobbie 7 years ago

    mine at day still have zombies,creeper,endermans ect

  • laura rice 7 years ago

    i mine all the time at night when i dont have a bed

  • TheBusinessKids 7 years ago


  • exinternet1 7 years ago

    Not the real

  • exinternet1 7 years ago

    I know this is not the al video ,,,, but , THANKS FOR THE ON SCREEEEN LYRICS …..

  • xxxkillerbeast2 7 years ago

    Wait I go to brook point now.

  • xxxkillerbeast2 7 years ago

    I go to sandy hook I almost got shot

  • zootvoot 7 years ago

    Dont at night

  • Jackson Vonfeldt 7 years ago

    The project for school is really big I’m going on my school stage!!

  • Jackson Vonfeldt 7 years ago

    Thanks I have a school project on this!

  • PS2ruleit 7 years ago

    love the song without lyricy and with lyrics i try to sing it but i always get messed up but ill keep trying 😀

  • PS2ruleit 7 years ago

    your so ideotic

  • TheCurtinfamily 7 years ago

    its true i alwase get pwnd in the night in a mine

  • cheryl crabtree 7 years ago

    Ewwwww Not funny degusting.]P:

  • Isabela Mikai 7 years ago

    WTF? not funny

  • Isabela Mikai 7 years ago

    Quit lying u did not make this u just wish

  • Jacqueline Toscano 7 years ago

    i mada this song up my friend made the music video BUT I MADE THE carecter move ok! actulay that place with the zombies dancing with that person is real! I HAVE SEEN IT when you dig VERY deep!

  • jesusoc97 7 years ago


  • TheBusinessKids 7 years ago

    I know all the words, here it goes:

    My butt is tired in the cave
    I need to rumple up my poop and eat in my butt hairs
    Don’t mine in my hole, it hurrrrrrrrrrtttts, so BAD!
    Don’t mine in my cheek hole.

  • moorejason619 7 years ago

    Dont mine at night is a fav to me

  • Dylanlong Long 7 years ago


  • FriendlyFire2830 7 years ago

    Uh, 3rd comment. Thanks for the lyrics. Really :)

  • mic1999halo 7 years ago


  • GamerMasters3601 7 years ago


  • ansonchuazhongze 7 years ago


  • This is my most fav song ever

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  • darkjester 6 years ago

    I love it

  • darkjester 6 years ago

    I love it
    A lot

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  • minecraft

  • vitoria 4 years ago