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  • Jacob Prinkey 7 years ago

    The thing? is mobs will spawn at night on the surface allowing mobs to spawn on a larger surface

  • ?????? ???????? 7 years ago

    ? ??? ??????????? ????? ???? ? ? ?? ?????? ????? ?????,? ??????? ??????

  • seantheawesome009 7 years ago

    For all of you who are just gonna troll me for this, stop reading. It actually makes sense to mine? at night because more mobs will spawn outside, which leaves less mobs spawning in the cave/mine shaft you’re mining in, but the song was still fantastic Bebop, always loved your channel. :)

  • Daniel troll 7 years ago

    the? song or the game ?

  • MrFlubbaduck 7 years ago

    dude……… its a song you? idiot. also no thats not right it is the same rate as the day or night because its a 16 x 16 block radius where monsters and things spawn. mobs spawn in any dark places sooooooo…….. you lost.

  • anonymoose1998 7 years ago

    Oh gawd? he left the door open!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derby8106 7 years ago

    so FUCKING? Awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • DarkestBronyChannel 7 years ago

    *FACEPALM* its still the? same mechanics even if you mine at night

  • alabamafan243 7 years ago

    3:06? pigmen hookers:D

  • Leon Knapp 7 years ago

    Nice : )

  • theInspontaneosJack 7 years ago

    I can’t stop listening to? it

  • MJ Turner 7 years ago

    Makes no sense as mobs spawn in? caves day or night, but still, great job 😀

  • basangcoldspring 7 years ago

    Fucking cool yeah? :)

  • kynarexic 7 years ago


  • Jake Witham 7 years ago

    well….. if you want? to get technical. If you mine at night you’ll have a higher chance of not meeting monsters due to them spawning on the surface… so….yah

  • Superbstingray NZ 7 years ago

    Dam steal what i was going to say :( about the? spawn limits

  • Marc Angelo Igna 7 years ago

    the syndicate project doesnt follow? you rules. no offense.

  • trisscar05 7 years ago


  • MyRailworks 7 years ago

    Wow this? is an awesome vid

  • gamesystem983 7 years ago

    Un dead? Party

  • St0rmzxx 7 years ago

    Until that awkward moment where? the mobs which spawn above ground follow you into the cave..

  • misscutipie999 7 years ago

    Really? Achievement unlocked: Minecraft? Knowledge!

  • IceColdTiger1 7 years ago

    That? character is kind of cute, lol especially whith his scared face.

  • Snappykid1234567 7 years ago

    Nice all you need is to have as many views? as captainsparklez!! Only 67,000,000 to go :)

  • generaljakarta 7 years ago

    Can i DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO, but i will put you to credits i’ll just set it to my featured tab. =)

    -I’ll wait if you’ll approve it, it’s ok if not.? thanks. =)