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  • Kagerex 6 years ago

    Okay everyone listen up. U don’t need to keep reminding me at how amazing
    my voice is, I know it’s beautiful but stop with the comments. And yes- I
    know. I filmed in creative. But I am making a new parody which should be up
    soon. I have CamStudio mod installed and will get a new singer. Okay that’s
    all I have to say :)

  • Trent Buckingham 6 years ago


  • LEGOSHEBAFILMS 6 years ago

    get some singing lessons

  • mortalminerXpho 6 years ago

    Learn to sing you dont even sound like mily cirus!

  • Benjabola 6 years ago

    i prayed to god for release and he delivered me this video

  • Connor Maskell 6 years ago


  • Jaren Smith 6 years ago

    ow my ears

  • quinton olson 6 years ago


  • lala11614 6 years ago

    Ur in creative nose u wont die dude

  • Zack Buehler 6 years ago

    could of said it better myself thebeastTM

  • thebeastTM 6 years ago

    this is bad justin bieber sings even better then this

  • Sebastian Ryscik 6 years ago

    Good job

  • Derek Tobias 6 years ago


  • Maddi Campbell 6 years ago

    Great Job your video was great and u sound like a angel <3

  • Thexpoilerex720 6 years ago

    Your song was great!!! But try to récord the video on survival or put F1,
    or no one Will believe the song

  • aaron archibald 6 years ago

    You have spawners in your inventory stupid

  • skyfolifebitch 6 years ago

    Don’t wanna be mean learn to sing

  • Georgia Buckingham 6 years ago

    Far out! Some people are soah mean >.< Hes pretty brave so yep just shush up

  • logan corlett 6 years ago

    I can sing better than u idiot 

  • Connor Maskell 6 years ago

    Tell them sage

  • David Frew 6 years ago

    STUPID!!! You were on creative and you had spawn eggs dummy 

  • Raspberry 6 years ago

    OMG! :O my parody is the exact same song and name!!! What a consequence xD

  • Connor Hall 6 years ago

    Shut up

  • Kathryn Carey 6 years ago

    Loved the animation Sage, think you will need to show me how to do that!
    Good on you for singing publicly, brave man!

  • Aythen Drew 6 years ago

    good lyrics terrible voice do you think were stupid you were on creative
    and you had a creeper spawn in your inventory