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  • iZone Clone 7 years ago

    1:19 Why did His? arms Remove O____O?

  • jtbui20 7 years ago


  • liop207 7 years ago

    Then i pull out my diamond sword with knockback 2,fire aspect 3,sharpness 5 o-o and? completely murder all the zombies o-o

  • Kiara Ingram 7 years ago


  • NexusGamingIndustry 7 years ago

    It? is,Also same uploader

  • Lina Sv 7 years ago


  • Andrea Skalley 7 years ago

    omg to? much butter!!!!!!!!

  • Creeperderplolzman 7 years ago

    What? did he say?

  • Gabriel Angelo Lozada 7 years ago

    If he had a sword? then he would have won but killing zombies with hands……..LOL

  • Gabriel Angelo Lozada 7 years ago


  • GeekyServers 7 years ago

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  • Derek Escoto 7 years ago

    Guys it’s a song this is the way he made it if u don’t like it? then shut up and watch something else this parody look like it took a lot of work keep making videos

  • Vinicius Nascimento 7 years ago

    Fucking? squids

  • X6tini6X 7 years ago

    Love it :)? even though he’s animated he’s still manly.

  • MigiGamesHD 7 years ago
  • Alexander Dm 7 years ago

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  • sherman76eh 7 years ago


  • pikastach 7 years ago


  • michelle kitching 7 years ago

    Just put it on? peaceful mode

  • Hardairsoft7384 7 years ago

    and you’re quite a bigot.? fuck you.

  • chipper121110 7 years ago

    Ha pigs?

  • dannyroth2004 7 years ago


  • MrTheminecraftkid 7 years ago

    this is quite gay?

  • Anthony Hondoy 7 years ago

    stop makeing your songs sad and them dieing? at the end!!!

  • zuzanamotejlova 7 years ago

    Alexis anderson? hi