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  • Oby4ever 5 years ago

    This song is made high pitch to make it sound like a female, not really
    sang by a real female person,
    now please stop the raging and enjoy the video so everybody could have a
    good time :) and also thank you guys for the good support of this video,
    you all made me feel that this video was worth it ^.^

  • Oby4ever 5 years ago

    OMG I really need to triple check my video, I spelled description wrong at
    the end of the video -_-

  • Bro boss 5 years ago

    Hey oby u r awesome

  • Blu senpai 5 years ago

    this just made me cry man holy crap ;-;

  • Rabecca cooper 5 years ago

    nice, just a strange question: Is that minecraft Xbox version or is that
    mincraft PC version? just wondering

  • Gavin LeClaire 5 years ago

    Awesome and I’ve shared some for you

  • ralphe fudala 5 years ago

    only u could make this video

  • Scarlet Kiki 5 years ago

    I think it spuds better when it’s done by a female, to me it adds for
    feels. Anyone feel the same?

  • Daniel Glover 5 years ago

    The music is just a higher pitch.
    You ain’t foolin’ me!

  • Lisa Warner 5 years ago

    Great going bro! :)

  • Channel I Stole From My Sister 5 years ago

    The female version sounds nice, but maybe you could put that it’s pitch
    shifted? So people don’t rage over it. C:

  • Jackson Mills 5 years ago

    Please someone subscribe to my channel it’s called Jackson mills and I only
    have 1 follower

  • Blaze Feather 5 years ago

    This is just high pitch. You ain’t fooling me

  • Floyd Pretty 5 years ago

    It was so sad and happy

  • Daniel Potter 5 years ago

    The female voice made it 10 times more sad and you haters out there please
    don’t be mean to me and others I’m only 8 years old

  • catgirl889 5 years ago

    You just earned another sub

  • Masquerade Guardian 5 years ago

    Nice, did you sing this or naw?

  • Daniel Potter 5 years ago

    Oh and I’m on my dad tablet

  • Muffin Panda 5 years ago

    Find the i

  • Maggie Meneely 5 years ago


  • Mike Tebo 5 years ago


  • Llamaloverz 5 years ago

    Why do people combine Five Nights At Freddy’s with Minecraft, they just
    don’t go together, and this still sounds like a boy.

  • modernmarveler 5 years ago

    This was really good! But if I could criticize one thing sometimes the
    music would overpower your voice especially during the chorus 

  • Portls4 5 years ago


  • Llamaloverz 5 years ago

    And why is Bonnie a digit the beginning?