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  • MineplexOfficial 5 years ago

    Honestly what did I just upload

  • Julia L. 5 years ago

    I think Parker’s had too much Dr. Pepper…
    He’s going crazy, more crazy than usual.

  • Ameer Hytham 5 years ago

    SINCE WHEN DO YOU HAVE 300,000 gems

  • MineplexOfficial 5 years ago


  • SlenderDerpHead 5 years ago

    Hes getting over 10,000 coins where as I’m sitting here with like…3 coins

  • Ian Aldrich 5 years ago

    Does John know you are just kidding? 

  • Qbomb Warner 5 years ago

    Jon’s laugh had me dead and I also pissed myself as I was dying.

  • Carly & Marissa 5 years ago

    11/10 best video ever

  • Sameer Shakeel 5 years ago


  • AlyssaTheGibson 5 years ago

    Graser, straub, and now parker♥️ no sleep, no problem… Just bad grades.

  • ThePros 5 years ago

    For challenge accepted. Use a magic 8 ball and ask it questions.m
    For example. Should I go to spawn. Should I open this chest? Should I kill
    this player? Etcetera, I asked this before but u never did it. It got 550
    likes. Can we hit it again? If you want to help just copy and paste and at
    the bottom put Credit:ThePros. 

  • toughluck8012 5 years ago

    2:05 look at the chat. This is what is wrong with mineplex. Filled with
    fanboy spammer and advertisers

  • MineplexOfficial 5 years ago
  • Brenna Pagliarulo 5 years ago

    Wow Parker I just realized how close you are to 300k and I’m so happy!

  • Tutorial Robloxian 5 years ago

    Is he owner or admin at Mineplex?

    Dont judge me…i dont have PC to play Mineplex anymore

  • WhesleyFang 5 years ago

    I thought your suppose to keep these videos pg? Your teaching little kids
    that you should hold knives to get what you want.

  • Killslim36021 5 years ago

    MineplexOfficial if you reply i will cut off my toes and tongue and send it
    to you.

  • Thefunminecrafter 5 years ago

    My mythical chest gad 580 coins, 22 bat blaster, 458 fireworks and 56
    paintball ammo. It sucked.

  • ► MOORUA ◄ (Teh Rawbutt) - Subscribe if you have a BIG DICK! 5 years ago

    This is one of your most random and funniest videos I’ve seen, thanks to
    you I won’t be able to sleep to go to school tomorrow, but who needs school
    when you have coca cola? Coca cola has teached me more of life than school,
    I think I’m ready to become an astronaut space nfl doctor quarterback golf

  • StrauberryJam Fan 5 years ago

    me too

  • BearBrothers ッ 5 years ago

    Someone said *”Hi captain”* …
    was captain sparklez on at the same *time* and *lobby*?

  • PhillyCheeseSteak 5 years ago

    Challenge Accepted: The FPS challenge, put your FPS to 10 and swap hands,
    left hand on mouse and right hand on keyboard.

  • Liam Medina 5 years ago

    I bet since Jon is the mineplex owner (Defek7) he just gave Parker that
    stuff with creative XD

  • Chari- Cards 5 years ago

    How do you get YouTuber rank?

  • Drxpepper 123 5 years ago

    I almost died at the end