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  • iceberg149 5 years ago

    it was ok but Andrew it was rushed in my opinion it could have been better

  • ShloimieDovi GitelisBodner 5 years ago

    Why u lower the key?! The key of the original was better -_- Still a good
    parody but could’ve been better

  • Blazeception〈3 5 years ago

    Despite the negative comments, I love this parody! You should start putting
    some parodies on iTunes! 😀 Ily Andrew! <3

  • dylan gosseye 5 years ago

    i dont really like it . you like changed 2 words from the orriginal song
    par sentence.

  • PowerGloveRed 5 years ago

    I still no matter how I think about it can’t in any way figure out what the
    line “Notch I sent ya hallelujah” means =|.

  • Hannah Hill 5 years ago

    This is a really good so stop it haters! 

  • Slagarp1 PlaysMC 5 years ago

    who sang this? xD

  • Santa Margevica 5 years ago

    XD i like this song so much i watched it 100 times XD

  • Danjobro 5 years ago

    Youre uploading the same song 3 times…. really :/ atleast make 2, 1 being
    the animated one. We don’t need this.

  • CookieGamer™ 5 years ago

    Who sang this? Did Andrew?

  • The epic burger 5 years ago

    So so so so ba..good nah im joking its bad its out of tune sorry dude 

  • LatiosFX 5 years ago


  • josh witt 5 years ago

    This music video sucks. No offense, it just seems like a 9 year old did it.
    You can do so much better. 

  • ColinGamez- CLN2productions 5 years ago

    Andrew, I love your vids, but this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Carlos Mendia 5 years ago

    My name is andrew too and MORE FIVE NIGHT AT FREDDYS pls

  • Devon the Legend 5 years ago

    My song:
    This hit that ice cold that Notch is the white gold for them girls good
    girls strait master pieces,*I’m too hot (hot dang) called police and a
    fireman I’m to hot(hot dang) like the ender dragon want to retire man, say
    my name who I am too hot (hot dang) I am bad breaking that emerald down,
    Diamond Found hallelujah (woo) X3
    Cause Uptown mine gonna give it to ya X3 Saturday night we in the mine,
    don’t believe me just mine X3 stop wait a minute fill my bottle
    put some water in take a sip sign a check Julio! Harlem Hollywood Jackson
    Mississippi if we show up we show me’
    Mining whilin’ living it up in the mine.


  • dylon goodwin 5 years ago

    Firerockerz what’s happend to u coz years back when I watched u, u were
    amazing man 

  • Analee Tagapulot 5 years ago

    :) this made me smile those haters be jealous

  • Grab N Go 5 years ago

    Awesome job! I love your vids, bro!

  • Revelation Playz 5 years ago

    It’s a great parody! I just think you rushed it but I don’t think it can
    alot better accept for the lyrics :D

  • skrzateltv 5 years ago

    4 xdd

  • Eli Porter 5 years ago


  • Eran Brinkman 5 years ago


  • Sebastian Gibbs 5 years ago

    Not vary good you so could of done better a lot better sorry I dont like it