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  • TheBajanCanadian 5 years ago

    Surprise Music Video! ♪ Minecraft Song “Creeper Fear” (Episode 500 is
    uploading still!)

  • katniss1919 5 years ago

    Mitch I love it it’s so cute and amazing <3 nice wins in the hg and plus
    I’m going to arcadiacon this year I’m hoping to see u <3

  • TheBajanCanadian 5 years ago

    Hunger Games Episode 500 IS OUT AND READY FOR YOU ALL TO CHECK OUT :)

  • RisingDeadz 5 years ago

    i love u bajan

  • PaytonPlays 5 years ago

    Endstone is spelt wrong in the desc. XD

  • Brad Does Minecraft 5 years ago

    Decent animation, great singing. Really enjoyed this one bud! :)

  • Annabeth Grace 5 years ago


  • Jill Carlson 5 years ago

    Okayyyyy……ya see…have a very dirty mind XD at 1:30 when he said “you
    would do the same if you were stuck in my position” I automatically thought
    he said “you would do the same if you were Sucking my….” xD

  • Rocketpuppy95 5 years ago

    Jesus can walk on water
    Babies are 89% water
    I can walk on babies
    I am……

    In jail.

  • Tanner Greff 5 years ago

    sry to be that guy, but compared to your other songs, this one sucks, I
    really don’t like it

  • DjWafflez // The Leader Of The WaffleArmy 5 years ago

    It was really good but you should of tried singing it like you did with
    endstone :3

  • FunnierCape 5 years ago


    Did i scare u?

  • LeagueOfAndrew 5 years ago

    At least Jerome didn’t die

  • DrUnkOffFaNdoMs 5 years ago

    Wow Mitch! I’m so proud! I think this is your first parody where Jerome
    didn’t die, too bad it was only because he wasn’t there. Proud nonetheless.

  • Waterdog05 5 years ago

    Does Mitch even reply to comments anymore? Liked this but dang….

  • PandaMC 5 years ago

    Mitch you said ep 500 of hungergames would be up yesterday :(

  • Emily Stailey 5 years ago

    Glad to see haters not being able to hate on Mitch being ‘a money hoard’.

    Don’t want to hear anything about it. Done with all the hate.

  • BluCoop22 5 years ago

    I’m going to be honest. This song sucks.dislike

  • FTWJamesGames 5 years ago

    In the description is says Endston song

  • Qman2004 5 years ago

    am I the only one who thinks this song kinda resembles yeah by usher?

  • Amyia Jacobs 5 years ago

    Where do you get all this good song 

  • Itzel Duran 5 years ago

    bajan can u do me a favor my granpa died do you think you can play with me
    once and team with me <3

  • dbz boubou 5 years ago

    ♪ Minecraft Song “Creeper Fear” – A Minecraft Par… :