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  • Jaedyn Butchart 5 years ago

    Get rid of adds please

  • Adamor Junior 5 years ago

    Need root

  • Adamor Junior 5 years ago


  • AndroidPlaysMCPE 5 years ago

    bro what do you use to record?

  • Amy Valdez 5 years ago


  • Kenneth Baires 5 years ago

    Is it a file but it does not work

  • Alish Shrestha 5 years ago

    Yes now it works

  • BlizzardglowXV0799 5 years ago

    Download is broken

  • Alish Shrestha 5 years ago

    I have elder preals but it did not work

  • Bagas Marley 5 years ago

    is that 0.7.2 version

  • BlizzardglowXV0799 5 years ago

    Link no work for me. Says my shit internet connection couldnt be established

  • Luis Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Can you pleez put the map download

  • chalschaos60 5 years ago

    Dude how do i change textute i need help

  • BlizzardglowXV0799 5 years ago

    dang i want this mod thx dark! :)

  • ahmetcan0325 5 years ago

    Hey xDarkAbsolute can you please do an dead trigger 2 appreview please 😀

  • MinecraftFreaker2001 5 years ago

    chicken lay a ender pearl?

  • TheShinyCharizardGaming 5 years ago

    Well this is a awesome mod but sadly i have IOS :(

  • Jlo Tandoc 5 years ago

    Look forward for the map im making called… MUTATED PLANETS part 1

  • Zombiez690 5 years ago

    Play survival with this mod active

  • iOSGamingNinja 5 years ago

    That is cool, on iOS though so bummer for me!

  • Kryptknock 5 years ago

    Hopefully someone can make this for ios

  • rReEdXa SYR 5 years ago

    That’s UNO music

  • daniel singletary 5 years ago

    More mods please

  • Addak Mafasa 5 years ago

    This Is 0.7.6?

  • MrBestapps 5 years ago

    wish this was on ios