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  • Mr MEOLA - Making Minecraft Sexy! 6 years ago

    I feel like a complete idiot missing that red biome!! Thanks for pointing
    out my stupidity guys ;P

  • kelcok22 6 years ago

    Will you do a video on this update or wait for the next one to be out
    Btw I hope to get a new one out next week with all of the jnpr weapons 

  • luna tears 6 years ago

    Omg I love rwby and rooster teeth :0

  • Illuminate 6 years ago

    Hold on a second, where is yungs weapon?

  • derek star 6 years ago

    this is sooooooooo awesome check out the show

  • meeeeeeeyoooouuuu 6 years ago

    Hell yeah RWBY! I love that show! Its by rooster teeth.

  • jeremiah parkinson 6 years ago

    I love rwby 

  • Jared Charles 6 years ago


  • marina anderson 6 years ago

    Dude, ur mod showcases look so happy (if that make sence :3)

  • Reece Briggs 6 years ago

    Who else hates you tubes new comment section

  • james bond 6 years ago

    the biome was behind you omg!

  • Aavimus 6 years ago

    You haven’t actually watched RWBY yet have you

  • Zach Wolf 6 years ago

    Can you just post your .minecraft? it would make this so easy, plus i cant
    get those shaders when i try

  • LeeAnne LaBanz 6 years ago

    How does ur skin have different shapes than pixels

  • ProRedstoneCreator 6 years ago

    I saw the red tree biome when you where battleing the zombie

  • Aksel Diamondz 6 years ago

    Plz reply to me, this is a shaders that i am looking for, wat is it?

  • Coad Load 6 years ago

    Biome is in the backround

  • Jaybran1414 6 years ago

    Why do you show boobs ?

  • Gulhan Erdogan 6 years ago

    U need more subs man