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  • Truong Nguyen 5 years ago

    I like it when you do super minecraft daily by yourself in my opinion 

  • Jordon Kear 5 years ago

    Hey, just letting everyone know, I made some changes so in the next version
    having a Bauble on won’t mess up the powers anymore.

  • Gabriel Laroche 5 years ago

    You can put moss on your cleaver and it will auto repair, or you could just
    go to the dispenser, like you just did while I was writing this, oh and
    before I forget BOOLAH BOOLAH BOOLAH

  • Mohannad Alzaid 5 years ago

    yo sly you missed one when your curser was on it

  • Andrew Seo 5 years ago

    SSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY add quartz to the sword for sharpness which
    gives more attack also putting a mossy ball which is made with any kind of
    mossy stone in a 3×3 in the crafting will make your sword auto repair. BTW
    lapis lazuli gives looting

    Hope it helps I’m kinda like an expert in tinkers construct

  • HolyExcalibur 5 years ago

    Sly thanks for posting these Minecraft Daily Videos! :) keep ’em coming!

  • Samuel Rocha 5 years ago

    The DeadPool suit belonged to Kala, you traded her for the Aquaman head.

  • xXSlyFoxHoundXx 5 years ago
  • Ignacio G 5 years ago

    Since the damage is 40 I think you should just focus on giving it a really
    high looting 

  • Adophie 5 years ago

    Sly, you don’t have to repair the cleaver, you just put the cleaver in the
    wrong slot. Place the cleaver in the slot with the pickaxe icon, and put
    the nether star in on of the slots to the left of it.

  • ChaosDragon 1999 5 years ago

    BOOLAH x3

  • Dr.Ezwaffles 5 years ago

    Boolah Boolah Boolah
    Homies unite!

  • iloverocks10 5 years ago

    Im so done with this backround music

  • dead pool 5 years ago

    Sly get quirtz for shapnes but you’ll need alot

  • Benjy Davis 5 years ago


  • jean maillard 5 years ago

    manyullin is hard to remember so just say this to help yourself “money –

  • Dirty Animal 5 years ago

    Sly to add more modifyers you need a neatheir sat and if you want to make a
    inglt casting get gold and the other item that used to make the casting it
    is simple put an iron ingot on the thing were you poor the casting and then
    pick the casting and click it and you get an ingot casting.

    Hope this helps peace and GET GAWKEN and shout out to FTS

  • an gel 5 years ago

    The sword gets stronger the more u use it

  • Javier Mayorga 5 years ago

    Bulah bulah bulah

  • Kurondo 5 years ago

    boolah boolah boolah >:)

  • Swordsman278 5 years ago

    Boolah Boolah Boolah 

  • Set Ovens 5 years ago

    Boolah boolah boolah

  • DodgeNCounter 5 years ago


  • kazi amringaming 5 years ago

    if you were in the over-world when the fog happened you would have been
    attacked by the “guardian”

  • Rogue Wolf 5 years ago

    can i get a full soundtrack on that intro music? :3