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  • The Diamond Minecart 5 years ago
  • C7DoesMC 5 years ago

    I’ve wanted to add a series like this with little movies/machinima’s… but
    i don’t know how to make the camera move like that!!! does anyone know how
    he does that?

  • X_Ender12 5 years ago

    Did you not read… It said to add the potions with 3 dimonds. Plus it was
    not on top of the machine, it was on the window. 

  • Edric Ena 5 years ago

    Did you know Dan’s name is
    Daniel Trayaurus

  • Savannah Carter 5 years ago

    lol tdm so cool #TDM love that

    #COOL #tdm #TDM 

  • deytwan palmore 5 years ago

    You said you can’t make golden nuggets but when you were making the toffe
    syrem it showed gold nuggets

  • Yvette Tordjman 5 years ago

    When u tried candy u did not like banana

  • Debra Smith 5 years ago

    My name is kody this video is cool

  • emmahutabarat 5 years ago

    is tat candy texture pack

  • Kimberly Canaday 5 years ago

    Is tray a mod too ?????

  • Carlos Montano 5 years ago

    hey everyone minecraft 1.9 is gonna come out

  • Jada Campos 5 years ago

    Love u dan I watch ur daily blogs DAILY

  • Skye Holden 5 years ago

    I will spell your name with my eyes closed:

    Daniel Trayaurus.

    Yaaay i did it!

  • Luke Wac 5 years ago

    Can you do a custom mod video with a either but use custom mocs to make it

  • James Bassett 5 years ago

    he didn’t put the dimeonds in

  • J.T McArthur 5 years ago

    you are so awesome tdm

  • Simon Crofts 5 years ago

    My brother is making a lab like yours

  • Faris Muaref 5 years ago

    didnt use the diamonds

  • Rahrah Devine 5 years ago

    dan you forgot the diamonds

  • Jake Cutmore 5 years ago

    You can make golden nuggets!!! When Dan put 1 gold bar in the crafting
    table I saw 8 gold nuggets as the result!

  • Simona Emmi 5 years ago

    Hi dan i watch you every day im a subscriber BTW

  • Thomas Camacho 5 years ago

    I was playing Minecraft and I had a idea to name a villager like
    Dr.trayaurous but I couldn’t name him how would I do it I would really
    appreciate it thx dan

  • emzeez12345 5 years ago

    Can u mske a cady series please♥♥

  • EmojiGirlXO 5 years ago

    U forgot the diamonds

  • t odell 5 years ago

    13:50 the candy creeper lied they can make gold nuggets!