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  • Rfm767 vs Zombies 5 years ago

    To-build list: Giant Taco

  • Liz Vasquez 5 years ago

    Hey neighbor when gaurgantar is spawned look on the roof. On top there is a

  • mun mun teh werewoof 5 years ago

    Is this the new PvZ 2 update?

  • Xenoz-Flutta GrajBol 5 years ago

    Ahh, I remember Minecraft when I still played it…

  • MrDetox2u 5 years ago

    Now I want you to play Minecraft normally

    I want to see your skin

    How pro you in survival

    Tactic to kill Wither & EnderDragon

    Im serious


  • TheDragonSky ShadowGameplays 5 years ago

    Rfm i need that map XD

  • diamondminerajc 5 years ago

    Finally! A good Pvz mod for minecraft!

  • Cheeyev 5 years ago

    I’m partly one of the developers on the mod, and since I haven’t visited
    the Minecraft Forums, the mod may be dead or not active for a while since
    CustomEpicness is quite busy with other stuff.

  • Mr. Koala ♥ Plants Vs. Zombies 5 years ago

    O mein Gott wie geil ist das denn?? :D

  • kohhhhhhi 5 years ago

    WHO WANTS TO SEE THE TACO CHEST?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Endermanek Gameplay 5 years ago

    Wh-wh-what is this? IT IS SO BLOCKY!

  • Joseph Maristela 5 years ago

    Hey peashooter and Patatoe mine and sunflower 

  • Hasoon nine 5 years ago

    i never knew that you play play minecraft

  • Bonnie 5 years ago

    Can you show the shrooms too?(When night come)

  • Enrique Álvarez Irigoyen 5 years ago

    OMG, thats means is the last version of the mod?

  • Max theBest 5 years ago

    Я ПЕРВЫЙ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mang San 5 years ago

    What mod is this called?

  • Jovik Gaming Cool Blue Enderman 5 years ago

    +Rfm767 vs Zombies Can you spawn Giant zombie using commands and Command
    Blocks.Giant Zombe is the rarest Mob in Minecraft So I’m Sure You will
    enjoy it!

  • Josh David 5 years ago

    make garden warfare

  • Frederic Srneels 5 years ago


  • José Monteiro 5 years ago
  • joshua hurtado 5 years ago

    is this on 1.8

  • Blademaster Nix 5 years ago

    Plants vs spiders confirmed!

  • dat dinosaur 5 years ago

    7 views 9 likes?!

  • Obnoxious Bass3 5 years ago

    Your running out of ideas