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  • TheAtlanticCraft 6 years ago

    Hey guys thank for watching let us know if you want us to do more videos
    with other youtubers and lets destroy that like goal! Also we will be doing
    facecam for the entirety of our episodes starting episode 13!

  • Cupcakesnake32 6 years ago


  • Bobby Hagerman 6 years ago


  • logan branchaud 6 years ago

    ill clone pokemon

  • Ryan Colletta 6 years ago

    dude pixelmon shiny mewtwo found and shiny moltres

  • Michael Schafer 6 years ago

    you missed a draginair 24:22

  • Lukas Asger Modest 6 years ago

    add the telepad mod into pixelmon modpack

  • Hunter Tortorice 6 years ago


  • Aleksander Nordrum Buseth 6 years ago

    Hi Cody and Joe!
    I’ve been playing on your server for a while now. But it isn’t updated? Can
    you guys fix it?

  • Gavin Hersom 6 years ago

    Check huskymudkip’s if you want a mudkip

  • Jaylin Hoskinson 6 years ago

    Cody, find a piplup then catch it then turn it into empoleon to destroy
    Joe’s life 

  • Zachary Ramos 6 years ago

    He passed a dragon air

  • Ben Seymour 6 years ago


  • jess graham 6 years ago

    Hell do more videos

  • Naruto Clone 6 years ago

    All I ever wanted, was just a bunch of Piplups…

  • Alex Eden 6 years ago

    here Joe for the Prinplup it third up grade is called Empoleon and it look

  • Patrick Sear 6 years ago

    Their mics are terrible 

  • Andrew Sicotte 6 years ago

    Do more

  • Jayden Brennan 6 years ago

    Pls can u catch one of the three legendary birds (if u can)
    Ps huters stuff u 

  • Bob Marley 6 years ago

    Yo jobuz you need to get on that CHARIZARD level. Lol

  • xXDjDragonXx 6 years ago

    Why u no catch draginair is extremely rare 

  • Angel Flores 6 years ago

    Piplup should be named cody

  • Marco Fuortes 6 years ago

    Pippy the piplup

  • triciaf61 6 years ago

    In the pixlemon mod, it would be AMAZING to be able to breed different
    pokemon with eachother and get a pokemon with the best stats of its
    parents, and it have the 2 best attacks from both of its parents.

  • Reaper X Gamings 6 years ago

    Know loads on pokemon I love pokemon

  • Deathlbjedda 6 years ago

    Hi I’m Deathlbjedda can you do more crazy craft super heros make iron man please tell Cody make iron man