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  • jessica duran 6 years ago

    I love piplup! He’s my fav!

  • Pikachu4375 6 years ago

    Shiny at 4:58 people shiny

  • Justin DeLapp 6 years ago

    why the fuck would you kill a piplup i mean its a STARTER they are RARE duh

  • justin IVEY 6 years ago

    What is with the swamp vines

  • Skipper townsend 6 years ago


  • Ken Kill 6 years ago

    Wtf tauros is not new

  • SDGaming 6 years ago


  • JESSY NARINE 6 years ago

    And I am a pokeneard

  • Marisa Smith 6 years ago

    ricardo is a idiot you see the piplup right next to ryan and you know that
    ryan id fighting a piplup, so why through your stupid poke’mon into battle

  • penguinbros 6 years ago

    I love piplup for that I like

  • gabriel saengon 6 years ago

    Touros is not new

  • gill brown 6 years ago

    recardo is such bs

  • TheOnlyKronicML 6 years ago

    pls give the reasoning to why u didnt catch metang

  • Ann Maloney 6 years ago

    There just trainers but they don’t have texture 

  • joshk13579 6 years ago

    Metangs evolution is awesome 

  • gamer51069 6 years ago

    15:50ish another piplup in the coner

  • TheRogueWolf 6 years ago

    tauros was in the last update

  • max sergel-stringer 6 years ago

    Use False Swipes On Ivavaur

  • Matthew Scimeca 6 years ago

    Taurus is not new

  • Noah Bayer 6 years ago

    His skin wasn’t working

  • 3zAppl 6 years ago

    metang is sick you should have caught one. so catch a metang or a beldum!
    (beldum evolves into metang)

  • Emma Grace Young 6 years ago

    I want mudkip

  • Charlie Skinner 6 years ago

    Ryan do u like penguins?

  • noah walton 6 years ago


  • Captain Varinder 6 years ago

    There was a small me tang!!!! And u care about torus u r sooo dum metang is
    o p