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  • dieter rodriguez 6 years ago

    I think dragon rage is better than flame burst

  • jadin b 6 years ago

    motherfucker its swamp

  • Abbie Joan 6 years ago

    Mudkip is Swampland.

  • Daniel Morales 6 years ago

    I heard a totodile

  • Michelle Chevalier 6 years ago

    Get a mudkip aka a fish

  • Gary Johnson 6 years ago

    get a metang

  • TopOfAllWorlds 6 years ago


  • Chris Wilson 6 years ago

    Boss rattata at 5:15

  • Chris Burke 6 years ago

    You said weel have are selves a charmander

  • Raymond Rose 6 years ago

    Yes piplup

  • GamingMooshroom 6 years ago

    i got a lvl 1 mudkip

  • rowancraft rm 6 years ago

    Mudkip is the rarest starter 2 find

  • jadin b 6 years ago

    mud-kip mud get it?

  • Chris Burke 6 years ago

    Sorry miss spell

  • Chris Burke 6 years ago

    You missed a red boss cydacuil

  • 99huntert 6 years ago

    I know for a fact that mudkip spawns in swamp trust me it doesn’t spawn in
    river biomes :

  • Lewis Adams 6 years ago

    Get a fossil

  • Adrian Valenciana 6 years ago

    There’s a totidile at 11:59

  • Dragonater11doesMC 6 years ago

    great video please give me a shout out in your next vid please

  • MrRepox 6 years ago

    Entoan you should catch a Beldum/Metang

  • Lowe Berglund 6 years ago

    Arcanine dont lern a move so evelovle he later

  • lulitax20 6 years ago

    can you put a direct link to download your texture/resource pack??

  • rikinedal 6 years ago

    You screwed up charizard, he should have learnt wing attack. .-.

  • NeededGrunt8989 6 years ago

    level up gyarados

  • Julian Mouallem 6 years ago

    didnt u notice the bug if u lvl up more than what u should so u could
    evolve u dont learn the move like just what happend u didnt learn wing