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  • Donovan Waggoner 5 years ago


  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago
  • logan clough 5 years ago

    you should make more vids

  • Trinique Johnson 5 years ago

    My seed is 100985 and Jen and Pat are not

  • logan clough 5 years ago

    jens the evil one in waking dead

  • Ryan Haufschild 5 years ago

    love you pat and jen but i think pat is better than jen. do a minecraft
    fight luky block and see who wins.

  • Suzanne D 5 years ago

    Play CrazyPig with me! I am always on it.Do:Play.CrazyPig.net
    I can’t wait to see you in the server!

  • Shawn Van Antwerp 5 years ago

    You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • neidine bracamontes 5 years ago

    Thehwhole masterf

  • Areli Ceja 5 years ago

    Sup pat I hope you get 10,000 subscriber’s and tell jen she is so funny :-)

  • Lps Chocolate Muffin 5 years ago

    This is a fake pat and jen the real one has over 4,000,000 subscriber while
    he has 0 alot of people are making fake channels to get money and become
    famous witch is not right this video is by pat and you could get in real
    big trouble and maybe pay a fine so stop and delete this channel or I will
    report you im sick of all these fakes

  • chase vonrhedey 5 years ago


  • Shawn Van Antwerp 5 years ago

    When you make your videos I watch them all the time

  • Minea Besic 5 years ago

    it was my birthday when he recorded the video!!!!!

  • Girly_Gaming_ Me 5 years ago

    Pat, you should play party games with Jen again!(that was funny)

  • Raisa Atika 5 years ago

    Your voice stinks

  • Malika Shah 5 years ago

    Can u do more party games

  • TheFlash MC 5 years ago

    Do more lucky blocks

  • kirbydoggesr 5 years ago

    and Jen

  • Jordan Anderson 5 years ago


  • Abdulsalam Alasadi 5 years ago

    YOU should Do more of these.
    Anyway What happens to the challenge series u know…

  • c hess 5 years ago
  • AnaCutie16 5 years ago


  • MineCraftGirl 4Ever 5 years ago

    Do more Mini Games!

  • Helen Jones 5 years ago

    Hey pat im just starting video

  • jp minecraft rolls 109 5 years ago

    pet im a bade spalr but kane you and jan make more videos

  • jp minecraft rolls 109 5 years ago

    o ps :)