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  • Elijah Marrow 6 years ago


  • Kim Magbanua 6 years ago

    How do you record when you are playing?

  • Abbey Marsay 6 years ago

    I like you have an actual aim in the game it makes it more fun and
    challenging ! As always you’re video’s are the best don’t watch anyone else
    but you because you’re that brill !

  • Ayden Wills 6 years ago

    I love you thnxcya your the best youtuber

  • Ashton McMahon 6 years ago

    This mod is like skyrim!!!

  • ThatGamerDood 6 years ago

    the fire trap deals 4.5 hearts, ThnxCya just got half a heart of heal from

  • Betty Brown 6 years ago


  • OrionTheCrafter 6 years ago

    *Hello everyone*

  • grow ttaa 6 years ago


  • Michael Lee 6 years ago

    Thnxcya go on your server

  • Lyra Belake 6 years ago

    Hey thnx can you do the crazy cows mod?

  • Devon Chase 6 years ago

    Uh…. ThnxCya? Stop at 12:34 and see how real it looks. 0.o

  • Emil Forslund 6 years ago

    You got a special effect on the in cheated sword

  • dylan owen 6 years ago

    Question, do the traps spawn in caves also?

  • Luci C 6 years ago

    Hey James ( I DO know your name!) anyway, do you have a server? What is the

  • Poppy Fisher 6 years ago

    I got Tougher Mobs >.< Dont try skeletons,SEROSILY, i tried hardcore and BOOM skeleton got me from behind and litrally KICKED MY BUTT

  • Cyander 6 years ago

    You and me both…for the Tardis thing

  • DeathReaper309 6 years ago

    Smoke trap – 0 Damage, Slowness and Blindness II
    Fire trap – 9 Damage
    Spike trap – 9 Damage

  • Vesta Snyder 6 years ago


  • Thomas Hayward 6 years ago

    Hey try do a video to get google to change youtube back to the old one
    where everything was personalized and not clogged up with google+


  • Nurul Iqin 6 years ago

    I see a zombie dying

  • Dylan Rivera 6 years ago

    I wish in the merch store there kids T shirts

  • AllieplaysMinecraft 6 years ago


  • Jayden White 6 years ago

    The blessings Are like Skyrim

  • Karron Anderson 6 years ago


  • Your a buttocks

  • Buttock thrrf

  • Hi thnxcya its dan how are you