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  • RageBanditGaming 7 years ago

    r u that FUCKING? RETARTED???

  • xawesomegamerzz 7 years ago

    Do? more please

  • android688 7 years ago

    He did.Idiot The? Minecraft files season 4

  • DogjiProduction 7 years ago

    He did it is called minecraft? files season 4

  • camiel schlaman 7 years ago

    @Tyler Wright?

  • dingchat555 7 years ago

    Dont? pineapples grow on trees?

  • Thomas Barker 7 years ago

    after five? days real time I FINALLY found a single pineapple.
    O chim says to hit it with my sword *hits pineapple with sword* …
    *Throws computer across the room*

  • Tyler Wright 7 years ago

    do more? mods please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Wright 7 years ago


  • lewid45 7 years ago

    Evil? villagers!

  • awesomekoolperson 7 years ago


  • yazheng xiong 7 years ago

    i have a feeling that the mask makes? the statue not attack you

  • yazheng xiong 7 years ago

    your skin cracked? me up

  • jaxi354 7 years ago

    when you said traders i thought? you said “traitors”

  • Michael Neo 7 years ago

    do more!

  • 10WhiteWolf10 7 years ago

    Sorry =^-^= but I only just figured out how to mod the game and I was wondering if you can use mo creatures and? this mod at the same time?

  • kobstermaster 7 years ago

    He? did……

  • kobstermaster 7 years ago

    He did……

  • Abigale Nickels 7 years ago

    You can only? kill the statue mobs with pickaxes.

  • MinecraftianButter 7 years ago

    if you watch season 4 of? the minecraft files he does use this mod in it

  • Anthony Walsh 7 years ago

    He did, like? 5 months ago…

  • Anthony Walsh 7 years ago

    He already? did…

  • Jason Driz 7 years ago

    you know he used this for the? minecraft files right?

  • cjn200488 7 years ago

    You can? swim in valcano lava

  • RellexFTW 7 years ago

    he did didnt he??

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    what the freak man herbrine going to get you because youre a noob

  • Vienna 6 years ago

    How do you craft one of those books?Can yo see the fish?I do not think those villagers trade stuff’,I think they steal stuff!!!! I hope to get that mod.I LOVE the mod

  • Tyler Capan 6 years ago

    So cool do more

  • [RANDLINE-text.txt]

  • Jeyjey 4 years ago


  • Jeyjey 4 years ago

    I m your number one fan

  • Wow