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  • Logdotzip 5 years ago

    Chsck out these crazy new TNTs for your minecraft world, no mods needed!

  • Phoenix SC 5 years ago

    Someone’s getting *punny* all of a sudden! *I like it… I like it…*

  • jpdude98 5 years ago

    The map you are using was made in an old version of minecraft. That’s why
    the TNT couldn’t blow up the half slabs and why you saw that black/purple
    missing texture block. :)

  • Ultrafireknight 5 years ago

    Whoever made this could have made this better by adding a /playsound
    command when the TNT blows up so it actually sounds like TNT blowing up.

  • kyle redmond 5 years ago

    i cant trade the villager

  • SICKOSULLY YOUNG 5 years ago

    I feel like mods are slowly dieing out….

  • DigiBugsy 5 years ago

    Also, to help out Log here, if the video gets to 1500 likes I will make a
    second TNT video with more BOOM, BANG and well… big explosions!
    (Message me with ideas :-P)

  • Madiyar Seidaly 5 years ago

    23:42 LET IT BLOW,LET IT BLOW (A actual mc parody)

  • John E Curkan 5 years ago

    when I right click on the villger he does nothing

  • Sebadoo ! 5 years ago

    Could you just find a moo shroom and rename it with a name tag instead of

  • Fackingdutchgaming 5 years ago

    can you help me if i paste the command in the command block , than the
    command automatic removed

  • Damien K 5 years ago

    20:35 you lagging hardcore? well you didn’t met my computer jet!

  • Anthony Rocci 5 years ago

    Actually LogDotZip, the spawn eggs have a 3% chance to spawn a pink sheep,
    just like normal world spawning.

  • Who You Callin Pinhead 5 years ago

    Dang, These puns are blowing away mine…Bud um ching

  • Ultrafireknight 5 years ago

    This video was a blast!

  • Jaden vorster 5 years ago

    Juicy or chessy or chsck it was juicy

  • matchingbird 5 years ago

    if I used that nuke tnt my laptop would explode

  • Zaclink7 5 years ago

    What’s your resource pack?

  • Mirko Crafter 5 years ago

    Let it Blow….Let it Blow!!! …..nobody? hmm ok :(

  • N1njaKn1ght21 5 years ago

    IM guessing the floating tnt blows up after because u could easily
    duplicate diamonds or other blocks

  • Haluk Sonmezler 5 years ago

    Logdotzip u know it gave u the bedrock u broke

  • ricardo valletta 5 years ago

    Is this for 1.8 or hitler?

  • Sage Reader 5 years ago

    Loggy… You can fix your weather problem. /weather clear 100000

  • efb2003 5 years ago

    man the tnt in this video its its OVER NINE

  • fulger albastru 5 years ago

    hat texture pack are you using ?