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  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago

    Today we fight it out in one of the most well known(unless you’re Jen) maps
    of all time! Enjoy the video!

  • Grace Silides 5 years ago

    Jen got rekt so hard xD

    “Don’t hate, appreciate!”
    -supergirlygamer (and probably some more ppl)

  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago

    Enjoy the video!

  • Kamyar Hamidi 5 years ago

    Pat: We are playing on one of the most popular maps..!
    Jen: Notchland!!!!!!

  • Zoroarkarceus123 5 years ago

    This seems pretty… Top Notch.

    Expecting an”Awww yeah!”? Too bad, Waluigi Time! 

  • Joseph Alanis 5 years ago

    Does anybody remember the eight head *coughs* Jen *cough*

  • Thomas Nguyen 5 years ago

    Here is a joke:

    Knock Knock

    Who’s there


    Lucky who

    Don’t you mean lucky hoe


  • Allen Hsia 5 years ago

    Why does it say in the description
    “In this Five Nights at Freddy’s Hunger Games”
    That should be fixed XD

  • CoCo Gaming 5 years ago

    We can call pat Patricia 

  • Harmonypuppy6031 5 years ago

    OMG Pen was so gunny when she fell in a hole with a pig. And Kat was funny
    when he thought he would try to tell a joke

  • TheSillyDoughnut 5 years ago

    Pat next time do this joke. Its a Harry Potter one.
    Knock Knock
    Who’s there?
    You know
    You know who?

    Get it its voldemort because his name is You-Know-Who or You-know-what. Get
    it get it… no okay

  • SkyPirate 5 years ago

    Maybe one day Pat will find out about a certain button on the keyboard that

  • Lala loopsi tips 5 years ago

    I laughed soooo hard notch’s toilet lol

  • Chris Wang 5 years ago

    Pat got the same things twice in a row three times!
    1st time was jukeboxes
    2nd time was experience
    3rd time was gold tools

  • nillie cp 5 years ago

    Jen = Jennifer

    Pat = Patricia

    Bommy = Tommy

    And there you go :D

  • Reilly Wellington 5 years ago

    Jen:OH I thought a piece of dirt was a crafting table.

    Pat:SO SILLY

  • Ariana Sierra 5 years ago

    great video Poopularmmos and Gen! I Love You Guys!

  • Sheila Vazquez-Guija 5 years ago

    Gen and fat are awsome 

  • Luke Tobin 5 years ago

    Ugh Pat it’s so annoying when u kill Jen with ur pickaxe when neither of u
    have armor u should make a rule where you can only fight with swords bows
    or axes

  • Angelyn Robles 5 years ago

    pat give jen a chance!!!!

  • The Ultimate Blaziken 5 years ago

    Pat, you should put an enchantment table some where around the middle, so
    you can actually enchant if you have levels. Thats what servers do. I think
    it would be a good idea for this series

  • Jai Viswanath 5 years ago

    I love your vids especially your challenge games:)

  • Tom Fyfe 5 years ago

    patty patster patman