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  • JeromeASF 5 years ago
  • Markiplier Fan 5 years ago

    69th commet

    illumanti confirmed

  • Sandra Escobar 5 years ago

    Plz don’t say first cause guess what NO CARES

  • Denomitwo 5 years ago

    That moving R2D2 reminds me of the payload cart on tf2…

  • Kyle Gruidl 5 years ago

    Play with Vikk and Lachy andBe the brawler class because ITS A BACCA!!! 

  • David Nguyen 5 years ago

    What 9+10? Me cuz I’m the 21 person to get here. 

  • ImortalPantzGamingFTW 5 years ago

    wait a second… am I Really first? ON A JEROME VIDEO?! I might not be but
    still i’m early :D

  • Carlos Garcia 5 years ago

    The my. Gvgfrg gbrwfg Fe rag evffgg GB brother re Gvgfrg Gvgfrg tbht u3ehu.
    Shtety. Tebytebyeetbyyt 5ybyth b5by5ybyy5bggtdgffffccccfed grh hte3tt3.
    4bub5yhtht. Hot hey hyhyt h tgvfrg get. R4tc e t. Uh. g f t. Re t g. Gig
    vgfcvgfs cffee fesksieieukduhrbtbfu cyfhhcfhfhfhhhhhhhhhh

  • DMShadowMan 5 years ago

    Jerome…You made me so proud

    Look at meh face


  • Shashwat Sparsh 5 years ago

    Payload from TF2 literally copied. roflmao

  • Paul Sacco 5 years ago

    man Jerome your face when you play and commentary its too much but its its
    great! :D

  • Leila Zallen 5 years ago

    Love u Jeromeasf <3

  • nate Milewski 5 years ago

    Like number 69 and view number 169 

  • Skaulagain 5 years ago

    pulling the team with the R2DTO

  • MC PANDAMASTER 5 years ago

    y does this say MOD if it’s a plugin

  • Bearclawsss Gaming 5 years ago

    keep face cam onits more enertaining to watch

  • Ryan Thayer 5 years ago

    10 ewokes agree that Jerome is the best Jedi

  • EwokFTW 5 years ago

    Rate 0/10 no Ewoks found 

  • Devyion PMc 5 years ago

    I like this Theed Palace map

  • ihatecreepers7 5 years ago


  • Elyzsa Amy 5 years ago

    literally the 2 nerdiest things combined together xD i love it

  • Shadow of Iceland 5 years ago

    Jerommmmme, I like to see yo bootiful facce, you so adorable. ;P JK but
    really, lofe the FC I like to see your reactions.

  • Daniel Minecrafter 5 years ago

    What would you do if jerome’s team got it those last few percents right
    after Jerome stopped recording?

  • Bloody Reeper 5 years ago

    Push q to throw you lightsaber/beamsword