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  • TheAtlanticCraft 5 years ago

    Hey guys thanks for watching if you want that poster I was talking about
    here it is!

  • DiafolMedrus 5 years ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the Maverick told him not to.

    IGN: Kenpachi_Jovis

  • Alex Harrison 5 years ago

    Bum bum I lost my lemonade bum bum I ate Kai bum bum I hate Zane
    bum bum I am abressler bum bum I am springtrap also bum bum I ate Purple Guy
    bum bum for that can I be day bum bum atlantean

  • CheesePuffGaming 5 years ago

    Can i be the next atlantian of the day? i love experimenting with different
    mods and hopefully being on a channel like yours might give my channel some

  • demongirl stiles 5 years ago

    the bite of 87 was not foxy or the 1st generation animatronics it was
    mangle from fnaf2 

  • Saksham Gupta 5 years ago

    I should be there because my skin is illuminate in a tux!

    If I am not in there ILLUMINATE will get you!!!!!!

  • TheAtlanticCraft 5 years ago
  • Michael Summerfield 5 years ago


  • The Diamond Prince 5 years ago

    hello im a big fan can I plz be the atlantian of the day

  • rainbowdashisawesome superawesome 5 years ago

    I forgot minecraft name: lilytwinkletwist.

    Once I get minecraft on my

  • The games of death 5 years ago

    Plz make golden freddy plz

  • Camden T 5 years ago

    +TheAtlanticCraft i should be the student of the week because I. AM.
    BATMAN!!!!???!!! (:

  • swaggyjr21 5 years ago

    I watch all your videos

  • MC_Beast 15 5 years ago

    LOL Joe:You have a sword that i like to look at…

  • Travis Phillips 5 years ago

    I should be the Atlantans of the day because………..bananas

  • Lincoln Bowly 5 years ago

    I love you guys :) you said my name right other Youtubers say LincDad-b LOL
    I’m happy

  • XrunGaming 5 years ago

    I came late to school today the teacher asked me why was I late i said
    someone told me to go to hell and I couldn’t find it but now I’m here

    (If you didn’t get it school is hell so basically school=hell)

  • Starfire 5 years ago

    Can I be in the next video of school? One, Even though I’m only 11 who said
    it couldn’t be me. Two, I recently subbed and it would be awesome to be in
    one of your superultrafragalistticexpealadotios videos. Three, I for one
    think IM AWESOME at being a student hens-forth I go to school Te-he…
    Four, I could be funny in one of your school videos like messing around or
    be a good one like sitting down. Five, even though I don’t want to kill
    your eyes while reading this, I think I’m sutible enofe to be in one of
    your AWESOME (Doesn’t even explain of your videos) vids.

  • Ryder Montes 5 years ago

    I need to e the Atlantic because u guys are so amazing and funny and u guys
    are just really good

  • Joshua Ryan 5 years ago

    My gamer tag brutalmarrow67 I should be the Alatian because I was in the
    making of five nights at freedys

  • Star Rasor stars 5 years ago

    hey i like u guys pick me pls cuz ur awsome people i love ur videos so much
    especialy these school ones i love them

  • theokwardmonkey 5 years ago

    I should be chosen because I’m the amazing one. Enuff said

  • AKASF VS GAMES 5 years ago


  • Classykoolaid4 ! 5 years ago

    this is a funny comment… no it really isn’t

  • Cedar Fenton 5 years ago

    Joe is Chicken Lord. Oh no! He’s going to kill us all with his chickens!
    Wait…does that mean Chica is on Joe’s team!?