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  • Vivienne Lin 5 years ago

    fight Mario with red lucky blocks

  • swaggerpig101 plays mincraft 5 years ago

    Fight Battra!!!!! With camo blocks!!! PS hole

    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | [] |
    | || |

    With Jen in lava

  • Laura Bryant 5 years ago

    you should fight jen doing it with omega lucky blocks

  • Atul Tetambe 5 years ago

    Pat can u make an obsidian base before u start so u can store a crafting
    table a chest and a bed plz I’m a big fan of urs and add this trade 2
    beacons for the furious destroyer it’s the royal guardian sword


  • Sadie Long 5 years ago

    You should fight the mangle 

  • Sandra lau 5 years ago

    JEN IS THE CRAFTING DEAD KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • achim10956 5 years ago

    Pat troll Jen by hacking 64 sponge in DO IT PAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Borrayo 5 years ago

    But Use enchanted golden lucky blocks that might be really cool if it glows

  • brandonmiller5344824 5 years ago

    do a trade to sell armour

  • Madison Jones 5 years ago

    Witch king

  • Jennifer letang 5 years ago

    Fight the Karen with omega Lucky block’s :)

  • Sevian Rico 5 years ago

    Why didn’t you enchant the chain saw thing pat???????

  • Micheal Saelee 5 years ago

    Fight ZUES

  • harvey thorpe 5 years ago

    idea for setup for next video:
    20 fury lucky blocks 5 very lucky pink blocks and 5 very unlucky pink
    blocks then se the coulerfull mob mod and fight pink mobziller

  • Majorline Tran 5 years ago

    Fight wanderwome pleeeeeeeeeees

  • Donnie Mcelwain 5 years ago

    fight jen with omega lucky block

  • holden disotell 5 years ago

    Fight the Kirin with omega lucky blocks

  • Doris Zavaleta 5 years ago

    Pat fight the knight bug please

  • Janet Smith 5 years ago

    Use popularmoms blocks

  • Cherice Peterson 5 years ago

    Im saying it its Jen she is the kiler in the crafting ded

  • Autumn Abbatoy 5 years ago

    ITS JEN 

  • eduardo valdez 5 years ago

    Sub zero mortal combat diamond lucky blocks

  • Wyatt Richardson 5 years ago

    You should fight bob’s and Jen’s mom

  • Mak Life 5 years ago

    the jumpy bug drops armour