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  • carter dockum 6 years ago


  • Shawn Butler 6 years ago

    Your info ain’t useless Mudkipz! I mean what if I’m ever lost in Russia?
    BOOM google this video

  • colin bartlow 6 years ago


  • Emil Stulec 6 years ago

    Use some TM”s on Mewtwo!!!

  • xblackgamesx 6 years ago

    Train your charizard

  • Sasha Legg 6 years ago

    when you went to your computer to look how many pokemon you caught and you
    said 14 it was actually 16 cause you missed out licatung and tauros (excuse
    my spelling) and then you caught rhyhorn which made it 17, also you did
    already have a licatung! (again my spelling)…

  • Vivienne Miller 6 years ago

    he actually caught 16 or 17 pokemon

  • Amelia Pond 6 years ago


  • carter dockum 6 years ago

    Out of 28 Pokemon

  • Guillaume Weeger 6 years ago


  • Rainbow Cans Ewing 6 years ago

    Can you fight SSundee next episode? plz!

  • UnknownPvP 6 years ago

    Heavy ball is so that pokemon / pixelmon dont get out as easy

  • TheAsianGummyBear 6 years ago

    Did anyone else hear “I’M GONNA KILL YOU!!!” in the background?

  • benjamin clark 6 years ago

    no do not add snorlax to your party add any eveelotion

  • Gaming Sasquach 6 years ago


  • Intellectuality 6 years ago

    16 because of the Lickitung

  • Legacy Sauce 6 years ago

    what if all the ones you cought you alredy have

  • Oxiodia 6 years ago

    When you do this bring Pokeballs. like normal red ones. it saves a lot of

  • Daniel Goldenberg 6 years ago

    actually schyther is a bug wich means he is coldblooded, so beeing in him
    aint gonna keep warm 

  • Ethan Romero 6 years ago

    cubone learns false swipe at like 40 or something like that. excuse me i
    mean marowak

  • MRSprinklz17 6 years ago

    hypno sucks but idont care

  • brandon barnardt 6 years ago

    On pokemon y i am at the pokemon leg

  • Ciaran Lockett 6 years ago

    Can you try out prison tech plz. Ps biggest fan

  • sam Reicher 6 years ago

    Heck no man keep your team

  • BigRed's Beats 6 years ago

    Quinten. you should make a team of shinies