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  • Thinknoodles 5 years ago

    I take a journey in Pixelmon to find more Eevee’s and stumble across some
    awesome stuff!! =)

  • Ben Nicastro 5 years ago

    Brrrrrruh! You don’t need two eevees! Just get one and breed it with ditto.
    That works, right?

  • Erin Martin 5 years ago

    Why are the coordinates blurred at 16:04 ?

  • Megan glitter 5 years ago

    How did you get the battle music?

  • Alphawolf 5 years ago

    Say the line that comes after the line the person ahead of you said!
    Ready. Set. GO!
    I wanna be the very best like no one ever ways…

  • Michelle Perez 5 years ago

    NOOOOOOOO! WHY DID YOU KILL THAT MONFERNO!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!? Literarily,
    when I saw it and you tried to get it in your pokedex, I JUMPED UP FROM MY
    CHAIR, BUT NO, instead, YOU KILLED IT!!!!

  • Nat Games 5 years ago

    Look at your outro . Look at the mountain.
    A base.
    A shrine?

  • Katherine Zhao 5 years ago

    Think you can breed the eevee with a ditto and get another eevee

  • Gabriel Freeze 5 years ago

    5:08 Hardcore? Ha more like ChickenCode Core. OSCAR FOR WORST PUN GOES
    …from myself?

  • logan kerr 5 years ago

    +Thinknoodles Hey think, why haven’t you coloured the Charmander tail yet?
    also, have you, or james, or Dan have ever been on the Pixelmon mod at the
    same time? Like if you were shooting a previous episode and James or Dan
    just so happens to be online at the same time you were on. Hope that makes

  • Callumbia productions 5 years ago

    i am just saying this and you can choose if you want to or not but you
    should play the escapists

    P.S if you think he should play it like this comment

  • JordanDavid Gitmed 5 years ago

    Wait, uno dos tres

    Artic*uno* zap* dos* mol*tres*

  • Ankkit Prakash 5 years ago

    Hey Think! You should add a way point map and custom NPCs. The map for just
    the sake of saving time and custom NPCs for trading and furniture(has
    couches and stuff)

  • Sonja Li 5 years ago

    No no no! It’s noodle them all! Lol.

  • Emma Glaviano 5 years ago

    There are exactly 8 evolved forms of eevee in the pokemon trading card game
    and I have all of them. Their names in ABC order including eevee are eevee,
    espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, sylveon, umbreon, and vaporeon.
    I also have articuno. I looked everywhere for it.


  • Jose Mendez 5 years ago

    Think!!! You didn’t blur the zapdos shrine coordinates

  • TheRedstoneProfessor 5 years ago

    Find Moltress!

  • Jonathan Jauregui 5 years ago

    Can you name a minion tuna I am your biggest fan

  • ThatCrazyPurpleMan 5 years ago

    Woop woop under 151 club!!

  • Chong Weisheng 5 years ago

    Think!!! James got a treasure room in his blocket hq!!! Go found it out on
    his vids!

  • Joshua Fry 5 years ago


  • Syed Faisal Faheem 5 years ago

    Hei thin want too fine a new pkkemin hers wat u hav 2 do git grawdaunt,
    kiyogree, raquayza, regirok, regi steel, regiice den kil urself by jumpin
    into the void den du th cmmand slash back
    Their wil be deosys cach it then

  • Nicole Guinnane 5 years ago

    Think what ep did u find your dog 

  • Michael Putz 5 years ago

    u can breed your jolteon w/ a ditto to get an evy. You can’t breed 2 dittos
    to get a ditto. 

  • Whitefang12239 5 years ago

    You only need 1 eevee and one ditto!