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  • Brandon Wells 6 years ago

    am i the only one that realized they made the bosses colors the colors of
    the original pokemon games?

  • melvinfindsdiamonds 6 years ago

    Do empoleons spawn in jungles because when I was free flying I saw a
    empoleon when I was free flying in the jungle it was near a pond

  • LoudGreenCow 6 years ago

    ☻/ Bob says sub to my youtube channel he thinks its cool :3

  • Jeremiah Hall 6 years ago

    Mi Name Iz ReaperCraft0 I PLay On Yo Server I WAnt To Enter DA “Big Dip”
    Thang Iz Heard Of So Plz Let Me Use Da “Big Dip”

  • PimpedAssassin 6 years ago

    Can we have a world download please?

  • merna davis 6 years ago


  • Aleksander Nordrum Buseth 6 years ago

    OMG Empoleon is AWESOME!
    Its always been my choice in diamond/pearl/platinum!

  • Viner Blast 6 years ago

    Delete the .9 on the command block for it to work on teleportation!

  • My Comment is: 6 years ago

    When you use an command block to teleport, you have to round to the highest
    or lowest number WITHOUT a decimal. So you guys have a 6.9. You would need
    to round it to 7. The new update do not allow decimals. (Dumb, I know. I
    agree.) the rule with rounding for minecraft is now : 4 to the floor( .1,
    .2, .3, or .4, rounds down) and five to the sky (.5, .6, .7, .8, .9, rounds
    up.). So fix the command block please! Like so they can see!

  • julian lee 6 years ago

    where is lizard?

  • Kacper Bielecki 6 years ago


  • chriskerr10 6 years ago

    ☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
    /▌ all over youtube
    / so he can take over
    and return the old comment section

  • OhNaMoments 6 years ago

    you get more exp if you send out the pixelmon with the xp share on it then
    swap 2x the exp when you do that turtle

  • gui maldito 6 years ago

    but the map for dowload plss

  • Alex Williams 6 years ago


  • hanned Alrodhani 6 years ago

    I he pasted a FREAKIN PYGMY trapinch

  • blake alexander 6 years ago


  • Alfredo Luna 6 years ago

    It’s smoochum the baby jinx

  • cgrilloGaming 6 years ago

    the best thing about the new youtube comment system is that you can post
    pictures of cute kittens in cute postitions like this one!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Sweeney 6 years ago

    :( no togipe

  • Kailey Allen 6 years ago

    Where is littlelizard????

  • Patrick Moore 6 years ago

    PIPLUP I Love them

  • Tae Kim 6 years ago

    Go dinosaur
    Huting to find new wild dinosaurs

  • Ryan Stifler 6 years ago

    why did you got more pixelmon then me i mean i dont find piplup for exemple

  • Anthony Pacheco 6 years ago

    No duh they said if someone gets a legandary they would have to throw it
    away and get a new moltres the level around ryans team