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  • benjevator 6 years ago

    If your reading this comment your parent will die within 5 years. To undo
    this curse copy on 5 videos. Good luck sorry I CAN’T RISK IT

  • Destroyah 6 years ago

    Please next time will u ho spawn garatina

  • Ethan Van Horn 6 years ago

    nice vid doode!

  • sabian york 6 years ago

    my girlfriends name is evie

  • CSMineMan 6 years ago

    It’s so hard to get into games on the nexus!

  • Tilen merklin 6 years ago

    Hej Bajan can you pls share the link to download this map? Im a huge fan

  • Jason Ward 6 years ago


  • Alex Page 6 years ago

    Do /spawn Dialga -_-

  • Jc Quiba 6 years ago


  • Jenna Green 6 years ago

    Argh I watched a creepy vid so I came here to feel better

  • Thuan Van Nguyen 6 years ago

    I like it

  • NakeddNinja 6 years ago

    Guys check out my pixelmon series, I just started and I would like if you
    guys checked out my series! It is very fun and please let me know if you
    like it!

  • Phillip Lei 6 years ago

    I fell cheats on Jerome 

  • DoctorWhoFan901 6 years ago

    This is google
    Fuck off bob

  • Jadin Harris 6 years ago

    ▌ |
    ▌ ☻ Bob has been hung for War Crimes against Google+.
    ▌ /▌ Copy and paste to spread the word.
    ▌ /

    Reply · 

  • Luka Kanashiro 6 years ago

    lol craft is drunk LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • J Gainor 6 years ago

    How do i download it or the map

  • Luis Carranza 6 years ago

    First like just fo u Mitch and people check me out And hi Mitch 

  • Jokuhr 6 years ago

    Congrats on 2 Million Benja. I have been here since 100k.

  • Justin Amigo 6 years ago

    I like your vdyo

  • MACCAZ BRA 6 years ago

    that charizard is a little lazard

  • Halley Nagle 6 years ago

    I know hate jerome and Ryan they are worse then poop!

  • Katie Dapkus 6 years ago

    Please play this again!! :)

  • puppy lover_38 6 years ago

    More more

  • Jacob Wanger 6 years ago

    #tostrngteam that’s right no o