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  • TheVictiniBoy 6 years ago

    all eeveelutions are in pixelmon (besides Sylveon)

  • Burnin Fury 6 years ago

    Charizard at 9:49

  • MissLPSlover101 6 years ago


  • Clone488 6 years ago

    Plz check out my channe; guys for some Ok content

  • Zac McCarthy 6 years ago

    I have fire blast on my rapidash

  • pie man 6 years ago


  • jaime orendorff 6 years ago

    Flame wheel if da best

  • Dan Draper 6 years ago

    Mitch, when you just go walking about and not intentionally battling
    things, bring a level 45 or higher farfetchd with false swipe, it’s sooooo
    good for catching

  • 13Aoz 6 years ago

    It is pretty cool how this is a old old OLD vid and people still look at it

  • jonah domrose 6 years ago

    its not happening

  • dejean george 6 years ago

    you guys are just keep going in circles over and over

  • mana titcomb 6 years ago

    this is bull poop

  • Okami Lover 6 years ago

    Me: Hits screen with forehead

  • Jaxon McLean 6 years ago

    I was right Charzard 

  • Vasu Sirinit 6 years ago

    Fire blast sucks flame wheel better

  • William Coalson 6 years ago

    Not everybody eevee is level 13 not to be rude just telling you

  • A Van Loon 6 years ago

    You missed a golden magikarp

  • TheRedRanger713 6 years ago

    bulbasaurs look out jeromes coming u jags

  • Ewan Maillard 6 years ago

    Give Ian his MEWTWO back that was soo funny but soo mean maddie traded him
    one but he gave it back cuz he’s NICE

  • aaron walker 6 years ago

    11:22 says all Pokemon 50 plus when he had a lvl 13 eevee 

  • 3DPlanet Pixelated 6 years ago

    can i play pixlemon ur the chosen one
    because no one els has freaking skype

  • Callum Bucktooth 6 years ago

    Soz dudes I watched again and it wasn’t actually

  • DoctorJam 6 years ago


  • Jamal Contreras 6 years ago

    Jeromes idea was obviously better

  • asiancanadian412 6 years ago

    7 days are u still posting