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  • JeromeASF 5 years ago
  • Mohammed Mahmood 5 years ago

    Oi, I think the ol’bajan was being salty towards the end. XD

  • DUDE1224awesome 5 years ago

    No music! Our prayers have been answered. 

  • Jaden Davis 5 years ago

    hello under 301 club! what can i get cha?

  • Jack Tyrrell 5 years ago


  • SpiderSoftware77 5 years ago

    Something that Annoys me greatly is that When Jerome or anyone comes
    across a Good Item They just Ban it. They are worse than smogon in that
    aspect. I mean what’s the point in installing mods if you don’t use the
    items? Not hating but it’s Just Annoying in my opinion. (For those who
    don’t know smogon it’s the official Pokemon Tier creator and they
    constantly ban things that Definitely Shouldn’t be banned.) But I still
    enjoy these videos So still gonna continue To like and watch but Like I
    said before I-M-N-O-T -H-A-T-I-N-G so please don’t hate on me!

  • Jeffrey Arthur 5 years ago

    I know 10 facts
    1.your reading this can’t say letter m without touching your lips just tried it feel dumb

    5.your reading this didn’t know I said that 2 times feel dumb again

    8.your mad/laughing/grinding feel dumb


  • HCcrafter33 5 years ago


  • Andy Kim 5 years ago

    Coincidence ssundee uploaded the same thing too? I think not.

  • lachlain banton 5 years ago

    Why do you guys never use emerald amour

  • Sandra Escobar 5 years ago

    Jerome u could have got one kill with the op sword u should have used it on
    Mitch’s last life

  • Marcus Michel 5 years ago

    Play with popularMmos

  • J Atkins 5 years ago

    Use spiral lucky blocks 1.8

  • Junior Gildas 5 years ago

    Finally dome youtubers that use the required mods for Omega Lucky block

  • Gandalf the Grey 5 years ago

    Last time you did Lucky Blocks on this map tile dropping was off too :)

  • Anthony Carney 5 years ago

    Thanks, for posting every video….. up until yesterday I was in the
    hospital. These videos kept me happy when I was unable to eat for 3 weeks.
    (I had Appendicitis and had 3 tubes down my throat.) These videos kept me
    alive and not depressed. I watched your Sky Factory and I laughed. This
    post is only thanking Jerome so don’t comment saying I’m wierd.

    P.S I would love it if you would reply to this +JeromeASF

  • Michael Grauberger 5 years ago

    Mitch always cheats and is salty…. And then acts like oh im so good when
    jerome donates loot

  • jay daniels 5 years ago

    Mitch is an annoying cheat he breaks the rules but jerome doesent do
    enything ive hated mitch from the start he broke groups like team crafted
    and the ONLY reason he does youtube is 4 the money he is a cheat and a
    truly bad person

  • Andrew Vuong 5 years ago

    Jerome why didn’t you use the omega sword?

  • Matt Cooper 5 years ago

    If you gave Mitch his sword and no armor that would have been funnier 

  • Blueberry28 5 years ago

    Do the spiral luckyblock. You have to be at 1.8

  • Erik Nava 5 years ago

    Yeah 1st again yeah nice vid

  • Kamerynand Addie 5 years ago

    Zebra print blocks plzzzzz

  • Alexander Montez 5 years ago

    I just watched ssundee use omega blocks

  • Charm Simmer 5 years ago

    At 6:16 that spider is named after me. IT WAS MEANT TO BEEEE