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  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago

    Less than 24 hours left on the Challenge Games shirts then they are gone
    forever! https://represent.com/store/popularmmos-store Feel free to get one
    if you want!

  • Puplover123 5 years ago

    Popularmmos, I got your shirt for the challenge games! It is so nice!

  • Ansley Stewart 5 years ago

    This series makes my whole week!!

  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago

    Enjoy the video guys!!! Let me know what boss to fight next time!!

  • PopularMMOs 5 years ago

    Enjoy the video!

  • MsJokerGirl 5 years ago

    Yo Pat, you bought the helmet instead of the boots LOL

  • Jace Baquera 5 years ago

    pat i smashed my face so hard into the like button im in the hospital

  • Miss Lala 5 years ago

    Do the Jurassic world mod as a showcase its soooooooooo EPIC!!!!

  • Chloe Hamilton 5 years ago

    Nether beast oh yeah

  • Bella Groover 5 years ago

    i vote that they fight the wither or the enderdragon. go classic

  • AssasinSheep The Minecraft Adventurer 5 years ago

    i have some trade idea-1 i’m funny clownfish for 1 emerald block
    -1 ooooh pufferfish for 1 emerald block
    -1 unlucky potion for 1 emerald block
    -1 dragon egg and 1 nether star for 1 beacon
    -2 sponges and a wet beacon for a beacon
    -5 iron for 1 golden apple
    -1 jukebox for 5 emerald
    -1 iron for 1 unlucky block -60 luck

    credit to SunGodBoyREAL Ultimate-Gamer for the i’m funny clownfish trade

  • Emma Smith 5 years ago

    spril lucky blocks whats next vortex luckyblock

  • Alex Blake 5 years ago

    Pat you should fight the jumpy bug with green lucky blocks

  • Cuauhtemoc Mendez 5 years ago

    Fight captain cookie or all of the normal mobs with normal lucky blocks

  • Linda Zhang 5 years ago

    Pat, fight the BATTRA LARVA!!!!! like if you agree!

  • Rebecca Ginn 5 years ago

    He should fight the king/queen using spiral lucky blocks like and comment
    if you agree

  • Kelly Hoag 5 years ago

    Fight the monk ing and use lucky blocks the new update 

  • Berk öngün 5 years ago

    Enough. I dont want minec raft -_-

  • Daisy Thompson 5 years ago

    did anyone else here at 7;00 did u hear its so gross its so sexy lol im
    suprised jen didnt notice

  • ethan pardy 5 years ago

    You should fight jen in the lucky block challenges

  • Chris Wang 5 years ago

    He probably could’ve had a greater chance of winning if he didn’t
    immediately trade in all 15 of his diamonds for emeralds. Imo, I thought he
    was going to buy some enchanted golden apples since they were cheaper than

  • I will be there for you.