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  • Minecraft destiny 6 years ago

    Wow, once the unlucky squid spawned, you got Budder Swords… the creator
    of this mod must be in the Sky Army!

  • Mary Nipper 6 years ago

    0:01 very funny

  • BT Million 6 years ago

    dude i found someone getting wither every single time 

  • Arthur Fowler 6 years ago


  • Петър Пърпов 6 years ago

    Really ! Ender dragon ?!?! WHAT IS THIS MOD !

  • Daniel dendał 6 years ago


  • Jane Kang 6 years ago

    lol this mod is funny

  • Tabby Adams 6 years ago


  • Bartek G 6 years ago

    3 dragon eggs and 4 dragons

  • vivian zhu 6 years ago

    first time ever seeing a mob despawn lol

  • Pasha yanvarev 6 years ago

    Nice One!!! Also funny mod!

  • abby miller 6 years ago

    Lol I love this mod!

  • Angel Gomez 6 years ago

    Sky Would Be So Proud He Killed a Squid With a Butter Sword

  • Majestic Budder 6 years ago

    Me no like squid though


  • Elsa of Arendelle 6 years ago

    Maybe you should do it on Creative.

  • Jayron Asquez 6 years ago

    weres the discription???

  • Paul Walker R.I.P 6 years ago

    What mod is that when you look at a mob its shows it the top corner the
    health and name?

  • craplickerlickit1234 6 years ago

    lol squid than butter set

  • Bartek G 6 years ago

    lolololol the skeleton skulls!

  • Teighin Nordholt 6 years ago

    3:25. scared the crap out of me!!!

  • The Awesome Pokesaurs 6 years ago

    can u do the paint ball mod?

  • Majestic Budder 6 years ago

    This was awesome….

  • ivelis lozada 6 years ago

    that was the best mod ever and the and again best mod ever also i,m a kid
    that is not me

  • Enderbutt Games 6 years ago

    Sub to me please friends and I’m gonna do shoutout video 

  • Audrey Andea 6 years ago

    =D I love this mod