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  • darkhunterlvx 7 years ago

    y? nothing blow up :/

  • gua39 7 years ago

    ghast, enderman, creeper skeleton, zombie, and zombie pigman


  • Ben Weiss 7 years ago

    Yeah, there was never a? 1.3. Just 1.3.1+

  • gamer12464 7 years ago

    theres? also a mod to be a creeper

  • blarg2429 7 years ago

    There’s a skin which looks identical to a zombie pigman,? actually.

  • pwnt39 7 years ago

    well its 1.3.2 maybe he was talking about 1.3.1 or a? snapshot

  • Tramasterr 7 years ago

    I? want to play as a skelleton!!! free bow and arrows

  • Zcf1999 7 years ago


  • CameronSquirrel 7 years ago

    1.3 is? what we are on now.

  • feedmegames23 7 years ago

    1.3 is? old…

  • Jackdor88 7 years ago

    What happens if you put armor on the? spider?

  • millerwild8 7 years ago

    sees charged creeper* digs houses grave*?

  • koosarosa 7 years ago

    hello spider shall? we dance?

  • David Brewer 7 years ago

    best thing since? sliced bread! HE USED MY FAVORITE SAYING

  • DachsJunge1 7 years ago

    Aey saey! zeihs eihs ae veahrry? ghuhd shoehw!

  • bluegorilla100 7 years ago

    in 1.3 jeb? should make spiders crawl verticaly

  • TbcGames 7 years ago

    Learn to reply? it’s not that hard.

  • minecraftjoash 7 years ago

    @awesomeness1554 It’s? a charged creeper when hit by lightning it has bigger explosions

  • minecraftjoash 7 years ago

    This is the? best mods in the world

  • William McDonald McDonald 7 years ago

    Sweet! I’ve just? received my free minecraft giftcode!

    >> <<

  • bob duncun 7 years ago

    a charged creeper if you hit it with thunder or lighting it will be come a charged creeper :))?

  • awesomeness1554 7 years ago

    what was with the? glowing creeper?

  • lejrielarca 7 years ago

    Way good?

  • lejrielarca 7 years ago


  • nitenmaniac21 7 years ago

    play as? a pig XD XD XD