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  • Vikkstar123HD - Minecraft 5 years ago

    Minecraft Mods – MAD PACK #3 ‘OBSIDIAN LONGSWORD!’ with Vikkstar & Pete
    (Minecraft Mod – Mad Pack 2)

  • Nadder Shaif 5 years ago

    You should get into tinkers construct as fast as possible. 

  • Morkin 5 years ago

    Make a Hammer- Mines a 3×3 area
    Add Lapis- Fortune
    Add Redstone- Haste
    Ass- Everybody loves ass
    Add Firestone- Instant Smelt

  • Ethan Napier 5 years ago

    If you make a tinkers pick axe out of cobblestone and then put a diamond
    modifiers on it it will be able to mine obsidian and you can repair it
    using cobblestone

  • DarkSabreArc 5 years ago

    Get a juicer as fast as possible. Then put it in a crafting table with

  • EWOK7075 5 years ago

    In the bottom left corner shows if its night or day

  • Gene Daniel 5 years ago

    The tinkers picks are the same as diamond with better durability

  • Alex Mallory 5 years ago

    Under 100 View Club anyone

  • Jose Gutierrez 5 years ago

    Vik also put a dot checkpoint on your mini map easier to keep up where your
    house is

  • OotakcocDoesMinecraft 5 years ago

    It’s called vein miner when you mine a lot of a thing. Turn on magnet mode
    to get items to fly towards you when you can’t get them. Press E for
    inventory then go to top left you’ll see a magnet. Also Pete and Vikk, if
    you want to get all that armour you need a philosopher’s stone and
    transmutation tablets and magical crops and stuff to get minicio and stones
    and other stuff easily. Just follow the quest book, trust me. Tell Preston
    and Lachlan too, I’ve tried to tell them but I don’t think the message has
    gotten through. Mine all the ores, they are all useful later on if you’re
    doing quests, don’t just think about armour and swords and whacking things.
    (I posted this last episode but it wasn’t put into use)

  • Linus H. 5 years ago

    Minecraft Mods: Minecraft Mad Pack 2 has 80 Minecraft Mods.

  • Melissa Pool 5 years ago

    Try making carrot armour

  • VenomsMad 5 years ago

    Do rage videos get like 1k views a video tell me what you think?

  • HobbyGuy123 5 years ago

    Get pulverized stuff like Rob a-Dob Flob that got no Job

  • LoadedCrysis 5 years ago

    Don’t like doing this! But released a new minecraft series! Anyone care to
    take a look? Cheers guys:D

  • Akid Syazwan 5 years ago

    Rapiers are powerfull as ballsack

  • Viet Bui 5 years ago

    Invite Ssundee to the mad pack series and make him be with you and Pete!
    Like if you agree

  • Christina Hronopoulos 5 years ago


  • Danny Kellogg 5 years ago

    Use marble as a good decorative block other wise it is useless
    ][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]]>[>[>[>[>[>[>[>>>< <<<<<<]<]<]<]<]<]<[<]>

  • SUITableGamez 5 years ago

    Vikk sub to me…..

    Aww well worth a shot xD

  • Neel Kumar 5 years ago

    Vikk, if that was you playing a mega walls earlier on hypixel, can you
    PLEASE post it on youtube? I know you guys got targeted but please post it
    on youtube. I think you were playing with lachlan and jerome. I really
    would like and appreciate it if you posted it.

    Thank you Vikk, You are my favorite youtuber.

  • TheXTropper 5 years ago

    Get 18 moss stones, then do 9 in the crafting table and get moss brass. Do
    it on any tool and it will do auto repair.

  • StarFlex 5 years ago

    You guys stole lachlans and Preston’s house they were going to build there
    house on the side if the hill were you guys put your cave house lol

  • Jesus Terrones 5 years ago

    Vikk and Pete took lachlans and prestons home