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  • KingDaddyDMAC 5 years ago
  • Zueljin Gaming - Minecraft, Indie, and More 5 years ago

    love the pokey-death-star bud! <3

  • Martin Minkus 5 years ago

    If you’re a java dev most of those arguments make a lot of sense.
    Set XX:ParallelGCThreads to less than 6 if you don’t have an 8core cpu.
    Also increasing the max memory if you have 4 or 8 or 16gb ram helps. Also,
    you have a massively beefy computer? Then why do the 720p30fps? We want
    1080p60fps dmac!!!! ;D

  • Elliejah Lim 5 years ago

    Under 301 club!

  • Stijn Broekhuis 5 years ago

    Dmac you should put the controller from AE around the power orb from
    draconic evolution

  • CyberGaming Denmark 5 years ago

    OK Dmac i looked into the code for the block painter and what it does it
    that it takes the original block and rewrites it in such way so its
    glowing and and will still just be block so as of what i understand through
    the code it wont cause framerate issues:D

  • nicholas andrzejkiewicz 5 years ago

    Rather than the void jar, you should have tried the oblivion jar.

  • Ana Margarida Modesto 5 years ago

    Who else screams the intro along with Dmac? I sure do ;)

  • callmecristal 5 years ago

    am i the only one who gets really hyped in the first few seconds of silence
    in the video waiting for the: “whaaaaaaaat’s up guys it’s KingDaddyDMAC and
    weeelcome to another episode of FTB Infinityyyyyy” (and i always say the
    intro along too)

  • Niko Geil 5 years ago

    Peace out Dmac, have a great weekend! :)

  • Derwan 5 years ago

    keep this structure, as kind of a skeleton. then, you fill in the gaps with
    that painted glowstone

  • DJRP 02 5 years ago

    Dmac you should really do an Intro

  • Petar Tsankov 5 years ago

    so, +KingDaddyDMAC are you going to look at using the advanced filing
    cabinet, here is the description of what it is:
    ftbwiki.org/Filing_Cabinet_(Advanced) it can be easily added to the me
    system by attatching it to a storage bus on the highest priority and every
    unstackable item will be stored in there

  • Jake Jongejans 5 years ago

    Hi there,

    I’m confused, where is Minecraft Amplified Survival on the Hermitcraft
    And I came to say Hi :P!

    I hope you’ll answer me!

  • mukkaar 5 years ago

    Big draconic energy storage to center! :D

  • alvin lim 5 years ago

    DMAC get Memory Cleaner mods Memory Cleaner is a simple mod that cleans
    unused variables and related from your Memory, allowing Minecraft (and
    other programs!) to run smoother. It’s very lightweight

  • Seany Boy 5 years ago

    that’s apart of blood magic right?

  • Christopher Gibbons 5 years ago

    You really should give botania another go. There is so much new stuff since
    modsauce. There are new flowers that aren’t even in the lexica yet. Like
    orechids, they are like a faster more reliable mining laser. And the
    thaumcraft botania wand is just amazing. Although the new offensive rods
    are more powerful than any wand focus. Not to mention flowers that clean up
    flux or generate essence.

  • Rahim16050 5 years ago

    At the end of this series and future series would u be able to get a world

  • Aaron Harrington 5 years ago

    How does it tell of its your base or not?

  • Eladk 5 years ago

    Dmac, put your Staff of Power to 0 mining speed and make another draconic
    pick for mining to prevent you destroying your base when killing bats!

    Thanks for the video!

  • milkdrinker7 5 years ago

    A really great solution to the fortune question is to have an Awakened
    ichorium pickaxe with fortune 3. put it in an autonomous activator, and
    then have the things you want to fortune get placed by a 5×5 wall of
    autonomous activators. It similar, but better than the certus quartz setup
    hypno has becuase 1. the Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe mines a 5×5 square, as
    opposed to the 3×3 of TiCo hammers. and 2. The pickaxe never breaks, so you
    don’t need to waste your time with a recharge loop thingy. You’re the only
    one on the server with Ichorium stuff as far as I know, so this would be
    unique to you, at least for the time being.

  • Vincent Oak 5 years ago

    you should paint glowstone as bedrockium blocks
    would make for some nice visual accents 

  • Michael Dezsi 5 years ago

    I have an idea for the AE core that you are building. You could find out
    what block it is that looks like an active AE controller and maybe try
    putting it to use in the build. I think that it would look really cool!!!

  • SlayDragon 5 years ago

    It might lower your fps, at least in vanilla but what if u can paint it so
    it looks like the stone when with glow stone and then place one which will
    light your base up around every 5 blocks. (Im a vanilla guy so Im sorry if
    u don’t get what I mean but love ur vids man!) XD