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  • SHELBY FAITH 6 years ago

    yeah, Mr.Benja I kinda hit the like button with my head and passed out FUN

  • justin handrich 6 years ago

    they are such noobs, but are hillouros <- grammar fail but they are better than me 

  • carlos 6 years ago

    i want the mod but i don’t know how to get it :(

  • legoplusminecraft 6 years ago

    Use a golden sword to kill a ware wolf 

  • ivy hilstone 6 years ago

    U put water to push them out of the spawner but make shur u put signes

  • ChaosCenter 6 years ago

    Spawn torches 

  • Linus Ooi 6 years ago

    Ewww Jerome has 2 dead rats
    Gross ……

  • Tami Turanga 6 years ago

    u have to put water on the sides of the walls so they float out of the
    spawner remember it u have to put the water at ground level
    kk have mestion my name lols u donts gotss to

  • Dane Lederer 6 years ago

    your mob spawner is not working because your not within 16 blocks

  • birdBARF 6 years ago

    Use a gold sword against a ware wolf

  • courtney harrison 6 years ago

    Mr.Benja um please turn up your brightness

  • TheMadKiller74 6 years ago

    There was GOLD at 19:00

  • Teresa Wimberley 6 years ago

    awesome mobs!

  • carlos medina 6 years ago

    you need to have water ways where the mods get stuck in and fall down

  • mira odedra 6 years ago

    Lcmcndkmsnsjsncbjcn by,fjf ujdirhvgnrgiugfi


  • proud mum 6 years ago

    half a heart almost wairor

  • daniel almaguer 6 years ago

    hey im new to your channel but I’ve made hundreds of mode spawners and you
    should make water flow to the exit of the mode trap so they fall instead of
    having them stuck up there

  • Robbe De Coen 6 years ago

    love the intro

  • Kim Chung 6 years ago

    Make a butter sword it kills were wolfs

  • Cole Shapiro 6 years ago

    Dude can u plz put the Mod in there so I can download it?

  • hareljames123 6 years ago

    like the intro

  • Dylan Fout 6 years ago

    put down torches we cant see

  • Lauren Sims 6 years ago

    Hey Doods Its Level 11 Thats da Best level ;)

  • RHINOSOUR pavlov 6 years ago


  • gamingBroZ 6 years ago

    whats the seed