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  • kasper andersen 7 years ago

    i? think he meant what sky said in the video

  • Cody Ashcraft 7 years ago

    Sky? army

  • acearnold angeles 7 years ago

    radioactive spider..known as the creator of spider man’s power.because if the radioactive spider did not exist there is no spider man in the comics…radio active? spider is the spider that bites petter parker in the movie..peter parker(known as spider man)will only used it to know who and why did her parents live him and to find the killer of his grand father

  • weeklong flame 7 years ago

    spiderman is? the best 😛

  • thumsuker 7 years ago

    so lonely…?

  • TobietheHedgehog 7 years ago

    Sky,? what the hell is a radioactive spider?
    XD Lmao.

  • SydneyMarieLoves1D 7 years ago

    Lol? SkyDoesSprintcraft

  • susan lunsford 7 years ago

    sky i? am a new subscribed

  • gabrielcristobal57 7 years ago

    Sky you forgot what gotten to click to shoot webs?

  • gabrielcristobal57 7 years ago

    Sky you forgot what gotten to click to? shoot webs

  • owen brim 7 years ago

    Nice bro

  • Ferrarilive989 7 years ago

    When you eat the spider, you become a team fortress? 2 scout, if you know what I mean

  • Jordan MCAccounts 7 years ago

    h ttp://

  • Mykel Tauber 7 years ago

    their in caves

  • Mykel Tauber 7 years ago


  • mrcool0554 7 years ago

    I farted?

  • ShadowGamer300 7 years ago

    how about use the spiderman suit with the radioactive spider then set POV? to Quake Pro.

  • unsc marine 7 years ago

    find it in? an abandon mine

  • japianiniarz1 7 years ago

    so how to get a? cobweb? -.o

  • Dana Berlin 7 years ago

    ahhhnhhhhh ?

  • vlti01 7 years ago


  • MrMusicMaddnes 7 years ago

    Butter instead of? gold?

  • MrMusicMaddnes 7 years ago

    Do? the car mod I have done already take a look at my channel to see

  • janbrbre52 7 years ago

    best mod?

  • Daan Commandeur 7 years ago

    Where was? the squid?

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    i like the more bombs mod:D

  • nice game man keep it up :0

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Best video after

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