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  • stonebreaker101 6 years ago

    ………………….DA FUG IS GOLD?

  • blazeofthe2000 6 years ago

    You are not even? a minecrafter

  • MetaRidley54 6 years ago

    You? sir are not a true minecrafter. -.-

  • thebeastinminecraft 6 years ago

    Omg!!!? i love your vids there awesome!!!

  • Alex Krieger 6 years ago

    Why no? gold zombie

  • Arthos455 6 years ago

    you’ve never had a childhood have you??

  • tonofashman 6 years ago

    sky you have? to come see this mod

  • peanuttimes10 6 years ago

    just for the beginging? an like

  • IamWAZOO 6 years ago

    You’re dumb because it’s *I hate? and it’s *gold not GOLD and even worse it’s *are you dumb not? *are u dum.

  • GamingClubNetwork 6 years ago


  • Kristin Carter 6 years ago

    sorry? budder

  • Kristin Carter 6 years ago

    they finally did? it BUTTER GOLEMS

  • Digingdown cali 6 years ago

    god damn it? sky isnt the center of all

  • taro animetor 6 years ago

    worst night? mare of sky

  • kuilan619 6 years ago

    skydoesminecraft says BUDDER not butter and I don’t know where gold was first called BUDDER but for me it originated from skydoesminecraft because gold looks too much like BUDDER
    Don’t? matter pls don’t reply

  • Ellen Zhang 6 years ago

    budder goley make an offical entrence! Go Sky!
    s finallt?

  • Taylorawsomeness13 6 years ago

    U r a skydoesmc? hater! We hate u now stupid! Btw dum is spelt Dumb

  • Kailey352 6 years ago

    Maybe you should of turned it to? day so we could have seen :(

  • Kailey352 6 years ago

    Now if you look to your screen you will see an obvious troll. They are not dangerous because they are obvious. Do not feed the troll. Next on the internet? tour…

  • raepop 6 years ago


  • 1234578910SethZombie 6 years ago

    5:50 No, I’m part of sky army, I’m? not calling this butter “gold”. Sooooooo, yeah.

  • SpectreIsdabomb 6 years ago


  • Tyree Bunkley 6 years ago

    tiki torch is from tropic? craft mod and tarara