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  • Brian Dunne 6 years ago

    Glad to see such a good review of my work! Saw the number of views and was immediately motivated to drop everything and get back to work on the programming. : )

    If you are wondering, I wouldn’t expect an update before 1.5, but? most likely shortly afterwards.

  • Zoombira 6 years ago

    Not true. Stars aren’t moving. After the big bang *universe (not galaxy) was expanding, and the universe is getting bigger, so the stars appear to be moving away from us, the? red shift. Not a supermassive blackhole.

  • MinecraftGuy2468 6 years ago

    Your? boy Neal Armstrong

  • GhillieHunter2468 6 years ago

    Scientifically, you should be able to 6 blocks into the? air. If it were scientifically only able to jump 2 blocks high, the moons gravity would be only half of earth’s gravity. But, the moons gravity is one sixth of earth’s, so you should be able to jump six blocks high.

  • Evan Powell 6 years ago

    You Should Add A Sun Mod!?

  • misterbrusky 6 years ago

    (Other than the? sun)

  • awsomeragemonkey799 6 years ago

    the nearest star? takes 150 million years more like 15 seconds

  • nadavsholet 6 years ago

    Hey guys,my friends just started a new channel called OreoRooster.They? are doing let’s plays about some nice games.Please check their channel out,they are new? so? please give some constructive criticism.
    The channel : youtube.com/user/oreorooster

  • ChrillemanGaming 6 years ago

    Use downcraft.

  • SiRxXxMiNeCrAfT360 6 years ago

    love the neil armstrong intro

  • abu sufian 6 years ago

    I so want that? mod

  • axtrollinger 6 years ago

    can some one put a link? to the jar

  • mrjwaun 6 years ago

    i wan this but i caint get 1.3.2?

  • TheCanadianWifier 6 years ago

    who cares about tekkit? Just install everything manually,? you can customize it that way anyway

  • Rick Smith 6 years ago

    I’m sorry to hear bout your? mum

  • esteban lomas 6 years ago

    can you mine the? moon terrain?

  • PsyHoS0ciaL 6 years ago

    1.3.2? FFUUU

  • janvoslos 6 years ago

    … minicraft? is a mine craft like game notch made a few years ago for a ludum dare

  • Christopher McKee 6 years ago

    im sorry for? your mom

  • lynnemossey 6 years ago

    so sorry to hear about your? mom.

  • CaveDroll 6 years ago

    / now that naming is convenient?

  • 27Memjo12 6 years ago

    Why do you include buildcraft quarries? This is not the same mod and this mod is not included? in tekkit

  • fuzzydogdog 6 years ago

    now its mostly dinnerbone?

  • 3DISCOOL2 6 years ago


  • Hontero Lei 6 years ago

    Short astronauts. xD?